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June 2023 Review: Embers, Scales ‘n Spells Book 5 – Awesome Read

Yes, Embers is book 5 in a series, and I know that’s a silly thing to do when I haven’t reviewed the rest of the books. However, I have a very good reason to pick this one, especially in Pride … Continue reading

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Review of “The Warrior”, Book 1 of the Memorian Prophecies

The Warrior is dark. Let me repeat that: This story is really dark. If you don’t like dark, stop here. You see, in this book, children are tortured and killed, there are several worlds full of horror, and even the … Continue reading

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Daily Update 8/3/2022

Gute Nacht, Freunde! 500 words for the Twin Worlds #3. I gave Krighen (this is the Artbreeder image I made for him) some nasty trouble, and it will take a big effort by his friends to save him. Also I … Continue reading

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Progress Report July 2022

Yes, this is another ArtBreeder image I created within a few minutes, just for this Progress Report. Those images are public domain as per their terms – so it’s okay to use them here. General Writing Progress Report I’ve been … Continue reading

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“The Power of Conviction”, by Catrin Russell

This book is the first in “The Light of Darkness”, an epic fantasy series by Catrin Russell. And as it behooves such a series, the ago-old battle between good and evil, literally between light and darkness, is at the front … Continue reading

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“Dragon Clan” – Book 2 of the Cloud Lands Beginnings

About Writing Dragon Clan “Dragon Clan” took me by surprise, in a way. I was writing another story with dragons and characters that I love. And got bogged down. Then, a new dragon crept into my mind: Shermin. She flies … Continue reading

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Chapter 1 – Sneak-Peek from “Goblin Invasion”

So the other day, I sat down and wrote out the first chapter of my new book “Goblin Invasion”.  Meet my wizard in this sneak preview: Beginning of Chapter 1 of “Goblin Invasion” Orren stretched, arching his back and gave … Continue reading

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Help me name my characters!

The other night, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. Because I was thinking about my books. And how it’s so hard to get them noticed. Which made me think about writing a fairly mainstream epic fantasy story. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Freedom

I’m an indie author. I choose what I want to write. Sometimes, I aim for markt. Sometimes, I write for friends or fans. And sometimes, I just write for fun. This November, for NaNoWriMo, I wrote for fun. Admittedly, I … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Process Blog Tour

This is the equivalent of an old-fashioned chain letter – but in a really good way. You see, we writers get to show you some behind the scenes stuff that happens when we write. And you get to find out … Continue reading

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