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Daily Update 8/3/2022

Gute Nacht, Freunde! 500 words for the Twin Worlds #3. I gave Krighen (this is the Artbreeder image I made for him) some nasty trouble, and it will take a big effort by his friends to save him. Also I … Continue reading

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Progress Report July 2022

Yes, this is another ArtBreeder image I created within a few minutes, just for this Progress Report. Those images are public domain as per their terms – so it’s okay to use them here. General Writing Progress Report I’ve been … Continue reading

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“The Power of Conviction”, by Catrin Russell

This book is the first in “The Light of Darkness”, an epic fantasy series by Catrin Russell. And as it behooves such a series, the ago-old battle between good and evil, literally between light and darkness, is at the front … Continue reading

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“Dragon Clan” – Book 2 of the Cloud Lands Beginnings

About Writing Dragon Clan “Dragon Clan” took me by surprise, in a way. I was writing another story with dragons and characters that I love. And got bogged down. Then, a new dragon crept into my mind: Shermin. She flies … Continue reading

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Chapter 1 – Sneak-Peek from “Goblin Invasion”

So the other day, I sat down and wrote out the first chapter of my new book “Goblin Invasion”.  Meet my wizard in this sneak preview: Beginning of Chapter 1 of “Goblin Invasion” Orren stretched, arching his back and gave … Continue reading

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Help me name my characters!

The other night, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. Because I was thinking about my books. And how it’s so hard to get them noticed. Which made me think about writing a fairly mainstream epic fantasy story. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Freedom

I’m an indie author. I choose what I want to write. Sometimes, I aim for markt. Sometimes, I write for friends or fans. And sometimes, I just write for fun. This November, for NaNoWriMo, I wrote for fun. Admittedly, I … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Process Blog Tour

This is the equivalent of an old-fashioned chain letter – but in a really good way. You see, we writers get to show you some behind the scenes stuff that happens when we write. And you get to find out … Continue reading

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A New Dragon Tale – Some Rambles

Quietly, I’ve been working on a short story to usher in a full novel featuring dragons. I’ve been partial to dragons for a long time, admittedly. It all started when I was an exchange student in California, in the senior … Continue reading

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Some More Writing Advice – Beginning, Middle, End

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been working on my other business … and that took a lot of time and energy. Even so, I’ve been overwhelmed with the great responses to my short story ebook, “Sequoia”. Thanks go to … Continue reading

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