Dorelle’s Journey – Book 1 of The Cloud Lands Saga

Dorelle's Journey

Dorelle’s Journey

“Dorelle’s Journey” is the first book in The Cloud Lands Saga.


She carries a terrible warning. And delivering it might mean her death.

When her dragon is threatened with death, Dorelle is forced to flee her homeland with Mashira. After a difficult battle and a dangerous flight, the team finds a new home and makes new friends. But when they discover a terrible threat to her Kingdom and her family, Dorelle’s loyalty wins out.

Will she and her dragon pay the ultimate price for warning her King?

This is the first book of The Cloud Lands Saga, a series of four novellas.

Hannah’s thoughts about writing “Dorelle’s Journey”

This story just happened. This is how I often write and discover new worlds.

I had been fiddling around with a novel set in the Cloud Lands Universe with three different characters and viewpoints, and that just didn’t work out. In fact, I have split that manuscript apart and still plan to write the individiual tales, as a sequel series to “The Cloud Lands Saga”.

So I skipped back and wondered how the Western Empire would actually discover the Cloud Lands – and ended up with a young woman torn between her dragon friend and her duty as a dragonrider.

What would she do if her dragon’s life was threatened? How far would she go?

I found out quickly that she would go far. And yet, I also discovered how much duty mattered to her in the end.

This was a fun story to write, even though looking back, I have a few quibbles. It’s definitely too short. It needs more description for the Cloud Lands and the people living there. It should have a few more adventures and personal moments.

One day, if I have nothing better to do, I’ll go back and expand “Dorelle’s Journey”. Until then, I can only ask you to use your imagination and create that world for yourself.

What People say about “Dorelle’s Journey

“[…]in Dorelle’s Journey I came to love the characters, dragons and people, and to dislike others. It is a good writer who can elicit feelings about the characters. This is my first dragon book and I really enjoyed it.”

A wonderful introduction into a magical fantasy world of dragons and heros. Not only was it engagingly written, it gave us a brave female hero…something we could use more of these days.

In a genre where many authors have never found a detail too tedious to leave out, Steenbock delivers a fun, action-packed novella that can be read in hours, not weeks.
Haley Heathr

(Taken from Amazon reviews.)

I want to read it!

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