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You must have come here for the books by Hannah Steenbock, so I’ll give you books.

Dragons – The Cloud Lands and more

I love my dragons, and I have published seven tales with dragons as important characters.

For me, dragons are people. Granted, they have reptilian bodies with scales, sharp teeth and dreadful talons. And they can breathe fire and do magic. Sometimes.

Here’s a gallery of my dragon books. A click on it will take you to the Dragon Page with all the download links.

my dragon books

Wolves of the South – Sweet Werewolf Romance /Adventure

My latest series in yet another genre, although it is still fantasy. My werewolves are heroes but not alphas. They are honorable, caring, and tough, even the women. And yes, they do find love at the end of those stories. Feel-good books, remember?

The series is now complete, all six books are available in all stores (and even libraries). I will miss writing them, so… if you want more Wolves, let me know.

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Wolves of the South - Complete Series

The Franssisi Four Chronicles – Joanna Steenen

The Franssisi Four Chronicles are very clearly Science Fiction – the story takes place on a planet that was terraformed and colonized by humans, only to be invaded and taken over by aliens.

However, this is NOT your classic SF tale with spaceships, laser battles and air locks. It takes place on one planet, and only that one, Franssisi Four.

It’s NOT Romance, although it involves a lot of explicit bed scenes and eventually, love between humans and aliens (someone called it polyamory, in fact).

It is EPIC in scope, if not in cast.

It takes the hero, Zell, from a fairly primitive life in the Wilderness to a stark prison cell where he is expected to show his prowess as a human male. It lays out how he first builds friendship and then an alliance that will not just change his life and that of his alien friends but eventually, all lives on the whole planet, and possibly the entire galaxy.

This is a series that explores aspects of morality in many, many ways. What is acceptable, what works, what is categorically wrong? Lots of answers to that, in many different layers of society. Lots of cruelty and lots of caring, lots of heartache, and lots of daring…

Find all the details about the fast-paced, exciting series by clicking on the image below.

The Franssisi Four Chronicles - SF series

Short Stories – Many Universes

I’ve written a bunch of short stories. I like fast-paced adventures, and that’s what I do in my short stories.

They are very varied. I’ve written for anthologies, and for myself. The main characters can be whales, centaurs, humans, and everyone fantasy.

Here are some titles. Click on the image to get to the Short Story Page.

Short Story Books

German Books – Deutsche Bücher

Du suchst Bücher auf deutsch?

Aber gerne doch. Ich habe bisher zwei Romane auf Deutsch veröffentlicht, die findest du  hier. Ein dritter ist in Arbeit:

Deutsche Romane - German books

Außerdem habe ich eine Reihe von Kurzgeschichten geschrieben, die u.a in diesen Büchern erschienen sind. Klick auf das Bild, um mehr zu erfahren.

Kurzgeschichten - short stories in these books


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Ember – my pet dragon

And if you still don’t have enough, there’s little Ember. She’s my pet rescue dragon. And I talk about her adventures in my newsletter, so that’s the only place where you get them.

Ember likes her privacy, you know…


And yes, I blog. Sometimes.

Not nearly often enough.

Thing is, I prefer writing my stories.

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