Here be Dragons – a Fantasy Short Story Collection

"Here be Dragons" Cover

Here Be Dragons Cover

“Here be Dragons” was the third book I self-published. And this time, I took a bunch of stories I had written for different anthologies and from prompts, and with a friend.


Eight stories of classic fantasy. Eight adventures full of cunning and magic. Eight lovable heroes. Old and grumpy, young and eager, wary or daring, they come in all shapes – some are not even human. Eight worlds that will send your imagination soaring on fancy wings. Eight tales that will warm your heart. Eight stories that will leave a smile on your face.

What are you waiting for?

Hannah’s Thoughts about “Here be Dragons”

When I set up this short story collection, I had been writing novels for quite a while, but none of them seemed ready for publication. Yet I wanted to publish something in 2014. So I gathered all my short stories, finished a few that I had started writing with a friend, and built them all into a book that I hope will keep readers engaged.

Short stories really are a different beast. They need to be fast-paced and cut down to the action and the situation. I do enjoy writing them because of this. You may notice I’m not a fan of long-winded descriptions.

Do I have a favorite? Well… the magic-mender Minkus is dear to my heart. That story spawned a novel.

Konrad (“Dragon in the Jar”) is also someone I have revisited, and I am in the process of finishing the second novel about him. I love the way he can laugh at himself.

“Black Wings”… that story is full of heartache, but also full of determination and love. It may be one of my best with all the twists. And the title resonates with so many elements of it.

What people say about “Here be Dragons”:

This was not my first experience with Ms. Steenbock’s works and I certainly hope it won’t be my last. I was thoroughly enchanted by these wonderfully crafted stories from beginning to end. It was almost impossible to choose a favorite as they are all equally magical and delightful, but “The Enchantment” and “Black Wings” definitely stood out for me. But as always, I found myself admiring the skill with which the author wields her own craft and casts a spell on her readers with every word! I heartily recommend this book for any fan of fantasy and of good writing! – Amazon Review

I want to read it!

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