Betrayal – Book 4 of The Cloud Lands Saga

"Betrayal" Cover

Betrayal is the fourth and last book in The Cloud Lands Saga.


Treachery is everywhere.

Dorelle and Debesh have fled to the Cloud Lands with their dragons. Unfortunately, they are unaware that Ferren has followed them on their island-hopping escape. And Ferren is planning his revenge, slipping ever deeper into rage and delusion.

How far will the former Wing Commander go?

Read this book for the riveting conclusion of the conflict between Dorelle and Ferren.

Hannah’s thoughts about “Betrayal”

It was great fun writing this final book in the series. And it was also one of the most difficult. I had to come up with adventures for Dorelle while still making it clear she is missing Orlen.

And of course, there is the growing attraction to Debesh, who is the only dragonrider in Dorelle’s live in the Cloud Lands. I wanted that perrsonal conflict, because it is natural. And I hope you will see Dorelle as a normal person in extreme circumstances.

Writing Ferren… that was a challenge in itself, and yet oddly satisfying. He really descends deeper and deeper into madness. I wanted to show that while making it clear that he himself still thinks he’s a logical and rational person. Which is how most delusional people see themselves.

I totally enjoyed discovering that Zomel develops a real personality in this part. And yes, I do have plans for him beyond this series.

Alas, I need to find the time to write it all.

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