Help me name my characters!

Help me namy my fantasy characters

Help me name my party!

The other night, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Because I was thinking about my books. And how it’s so hard to get them noticed.

Which made me think about writing a fairly mainstream epic fantasy story. The kind I usually find boring.

But what if I could make it fun?

What if I could make it so much fun that I really, really want to write this stuff?

Writer brain took up the challenge. I should have known… it really isn’t as if I need more story ideas. But I do need fun stuff.

So now I have five new characters, four of which still need a name.

Before I list them, let me explain: I’m a bit particular about names in my fantasy tales. I want them to be different from “Earth” names. No “Johns” and “Margrets” in my stories – unless they are Urban Fantasy set somewhere on this planet.

And somehow, the sound of the name needs to resonate with me, or I cannot get into the character’s head. Which means that any suggestions that I don’t pick are not “wrong”, they just may not resonate with me. And that is absolutely the fault of writer brain.


So here are the four people I’m searching names for. I have my wizard already, so I’m keeping him as a surprise for you. Yes, this is a classic quest party. This is classic, epic fantasy, after all. With a twist.

1) Middle-aged Female Fighter

xxx is the sheriff of the village where we start out. She’s blond, finally could grow her hair out, and she’s a no-nonsense kind of woman. She still keeps fit, working out daily, despite creaks and groans. She commands the respect of the villagers, and has driven off a few cheats and robbers. She’s content in her retirement, but when she sees injustice, she has to act.

2) The Lesbian Bard

Yes, she’s cliche. Yes, I will keep her.

xxx is a lively, funny, snarky person who finds magic in any song. Or turns any song into magic. She loves traveling, meeting new people and sadly, falls somewhat in love with the arrogant young druid snip you will meet next. Of course, she’s a redhead.

3) The Arrogant, Young Druid/Ranger Girl

xxx is full of herself. Yes, she’s powerful, and she can whisper-magic almost every animal around. But she’s also brash and arrogant and won’t listen to advice at all. More than once, she’ll ruin a plan, simply because she thinks she knows better. And if it weren’t for her familiar, Magpie xxx, the group would have ditched her long ago. Well, and of course, my wizard loves her as if she were his own grandchild…

4) The dark-skinned, young Assassin/Rogue

xxx doesn’t look like he could hide in a crowd, considering his dark skin. But he does so fabulously well. Of course, he has no idea of his unusual parents (I know but I won’t tell you right now) which is how he comes into his considerable powers during the course of the series. Yet even as a simple assassin, he’s extremely helpful to the group. And since the fighter saved his life once, his loyalty is to her.

Now, I will ask this question in my FB fan group, as well (Hannah’s Dragonriders) so you can post there, or simply comment below. I’ll compile a list and let you know in three days what I chose.

Help me name my characters!

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Hannah Steenbock is an author, dreamer, and coach. She has published several short stories in English and German, as well as one novel in German. In 2013 she started self-publishing her work. In 2014, she has won two awards for her short story "Sequoia".
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One Response to Help me name my characters!

  1. SophieNugget says:

    My name suggestions:

    1.) Dunna 2.) Grippa 3.) Shuna 4.) Reel

    Have fun writing this!! <3

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