Progress Report July 2022

Progress Report July 2022

Yes, this is another ArtBreeder image I created within a few minutes, just for this Progress Report. Those images are public domain as per their terms – so it’s okay to use them here.

General Writing Progress Report

I’ve been writing every day. In fact, I’m on day 1285 of doing so. That’s three years, six months and a few days.

Most of that writing has gone to the Twin Worlds, you may have seen me talk about them. Right now, I’m writing a bit where Crash has been abducted by a mind-mage and the others are working to find and rescue him. This is part of book 2 – but I have so many more ideas.. I even know what I want on the covers, so I might just find a designer soon.

Just a few days ago, I pivoted over to the first book in what might eventually become a steamy romance series (with shifters, no less!). I finally figured out how to make it closer to market, by adding a few chapters to the beginning and actually giving the male hero his own Point of View. It’s great fun to discover how he thinks.

Now, I’m pondering a new pen name for that series… what do you think of Jenna Redrock?

Winds of Destiny Progress Report

I just published the first book of my Winds of Destiny series, which makes me very happy. Have a cover image of “South Breaks”

I decided to give this series to Hannah, after all, even though there are some explicit bed scenes. The general feel of it just fits Hannah a lot better. If you want to take a look and learn a bit more about South, West, East and North, head over to the series page.

The story is a feel-good adventure, the opposite of grim-dark. Yes, there are dark moments, but all in all, it’s not very gruesome or bitter. 

Last weekend, I managed to fix the interior graphic I used so it would come up clear in the print and set up the print version on Amazon. It’s available now!

There is already a preorder set up on Amazon for “West Flows”, which is book 2. The text is done, I have chosen the interior graphic, the cover is being created, I  just have to run it all through Atticus and then upload. I love West, and I really, really hope that you will, too.

The books for East and North are already written, but North will need some editing.

Wolves Print Progress Report

Yes, I know. *hangs head in shame*

However, finally setting up the print for South and learning how to actually do that on Atticus has given me much more confidence for setting up the Wolf books in print.

I’m planning to really get this done once I’m back from my vacation (taking the second half of July off). Of course, I also need to get West all set up because of the pre-order.

Editing Progress Report

I have a wonderful new client who is letting me proofread her fantasy books. Rather grimdark ones, but the story is intriguing and very, very intricate. She’s using a new pen name for these, but you can look up her other books here:

Mette Holm Books 

Of course, I’ll tell you once those books are up in the stores.

If you need an editor or proofreader, let me know! 

That’s all for today!


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Hannah Steenbock is an author, dreamer, and coach. She has published several short stories in English and German, as well as one novel in German. In 2013 she started self-publishing her work. In 2014, she has won two awards for her short story "Sequoia".
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