Daily Update 8/3/2022

Gute Nacht, Freunde!

Daily Update Krighen

500 words for the Twin Worlds #3. I gave Krighen (this is the Artbreeder image I made for him) some nasty trouble, and it will take a big effort by his friends to save him.

Also I read through an old NaNo-story with a dragon shifter and it has potential. Needs a rewrite, though. Not sure it’s worth it, since I would have to expand it into a series before it becomes even viable, and so far, it’s not long enough for a a series starter.

Have a snippet from what I wrote today:

Something wrapped around Krighen’s mind and yanked, and suddenly, he tumbled through the air helplessly, unable to bite back a scream. Rage filled him and his armor popped out, just in time to protect him as he hit the ground awkwardly. He rolled, screaming again with pain as the arrows were driven deeper into his arms, and before he could stop the rolling, he fell off the edge of the cliff.

His fall was cut short when he landed on a rough ledge, the impact driving all breath from his lungs. Gasping with pain, he clung to some rocks, fighting to stay conscious, to avoid falling to his death. The beach was far down, breakers washing over several boulders dotting the sand, and even his armor would not save him if he lost his grip.

Darkness wavered at the edge of his vision.

Trials of Power, The Twin Worlds Book 3

This is the start of an experiment. I will share daily updates on my writing progress on my Patreon.

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