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My books - dragons and more

My published books fall into four categories, which is easily explained:

I write both in English and German, and I do both novels and short stories. In fact, I started out with German short stories because back then I was part of an author group that regularly produced anthologies. I’m even the editor of one of them.

For a few years, I was represented by a German agent, and thus focused on writing novels in German, so they could market them more easily. After ending that cooperation, I dove into writing in English. In 2013, I started self-publishing, and the result is clearly visible.

Books and Short Stories

English novels – so far only 2 series with dragons, but I’m working on adding more.

German novels – two books for now, more Konrad ones are coming.

English short stories – quite a bunch, and more are in the works.

German short stories – lots of them, mostly in anthologies.

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