Dragon Court – Book 3 of The Cloud Lands Saga

Dragon Court Title

Dragon Court

“Dragon Court” is the third book in The Cloud Lands Saga.


Deadly treachery reaches the Palace in Asbanmor.

When the Dragon Court condemns Debesh and his dragon Vandranen to death, they and Dorelle disappear without a trace.

Prince Orlen is left behind to deal with the fall-out of the renewed defection of his beloved. Investigating potential treachery by the Dragon Master, he finds himself in much more danger than expected. A danger that soon includes his father, King Elsen himself.

Can the Prince save them both?

Hannah’s Thoughts about Writing “Dragon Court”

This book started out with chapters alternating between Orlen and Dorelle – and I quickly realized that it was giving me horrible time-line problems.

So I did what I have done before: I pulled the two story-lines apart. And decided to focus on Orlen first, who has just lost his love when she simply disappeared with Debesh.

And who finds himself as the target of more animosity and even treason when it becomes clear that he will not give up his dragon friend Norak.

Writing this gave me a chance to really get to know Orlen, who I only showed through Dorelle’s eyes in the books before.

And what can I say? I love him, too. A caring and generous man who has clear morals and expectations. And yes, I knew I’d give him as much happiness in the end as I’m giving him pain and heartache in this book.

What People say about “Dragon Court”

I devoured this book. Seriously. I started reading and couldn’t stop!
The story moves a lot faster than the first 2 books in the series, but the quality of the storyline and the writing remains very, very strong.

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