“The Power of Conviction”, by Catrin Russell

The Power of Conviction by Catrin Russell

This book is the first in “The Light of Darkness”, an epic fantasy series by Catrin Russell. And as it behooves such a series, the ago-old battle between good and evil, literally between light and darkness, is at the front and center of it.

Here’s my review:

The story revolves around two main characters who are polar opposites: The Priestess Ayana and the demon Prime Samael.

Ayana lives in the Temple of Light and fighting demons is her everyday life. Those evil creatures keep attacking humans, stealing children and robbing crops. And the Head Priest has decreed that all demons must be killed in an outright war to rid the world of them.

Samael is the heir and prime defender of a large demon tribe. He is expected to marry and secure his line, to keep the tribe alive and safe. But none of the potential mates shoved at him stir even a flicker of interest. Instead, he keeps watching and baiting a certain priestess, with no idea why.

Soon, it becomes obvious that things are not as clear-cut as they seem. And not much later, convictions are beginning to be tested.

In addition to the two main characters, there is quite a team of supporting characters who all bring their unique personalities and experiences to the story, from the sweet, talented healer to the scarred war veteran. And love blossoms in many different ways.

I invite you to step into this epic world where Light kills, where Darkness creates fear, and where people strive to hold on to their convictions. And where, as you know, opposites attract.

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