Kraken War

Kraken War Title

Kraken War

“Kraken War” is the second part of the Cloud Lands Saga novella series.


Dragons against Kraken – who will win?

The Kraken invasion has begun, and King Elsen gives Prince Orlen and Dorelle joint command over a dedicated force to combat the monsters. Yet even as they organize their Wings for the task, treachery is brewing among the dragon and rider teams.
Bloody battles, a clever rogue dragon and two missing Wing Commanders are only some of the problems Dorelle and Prince Orlen have to deal with.

Can they win this war?



“Kraken War” is the second book in the Cloud Lands Saga, an four-part novella series. If you are new to the series, you should start with “Dorelle’s Journey” for full enjoyment.

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