Wolves of the South – my new Sweet Werewolf Romance series

Wolves of the South, my new Sweet Werewolf Romance series

Wolves of the South is the new series I’ve been writing for the last few months (started in March 2021), and it just keeps growing. New characters are raising their hands, wanting their adventure to be told.

Wolves of the South takes place in the South of the United States, mostly North Carolina. It begins with the adventures of the siblings of the displaced McMullen family, Ben, Liz and Nessa. And then it widens up with Connor, a member of Nick’s pack, and then Olivier, the father of Connor’s new mate.

I’ll do my best to keep updating this page as the series grows.

Let me give you the Wolves of the South

A Wolf’s Quest

The first book in my werewolf fantasy series, Wolves of the South, "A Wolf's Quest".

Ben McMullen is a wolf on the run.

While his father is drawing off the Hunters, his job is to find a new home for himself and his two sisters. After he helps a young woman fend off a creep, she offers him a ride to his father’s old haunts.

Little does he know that her own family are the enemy.

Sylvia just wants to spend a few weeks of her college summer break to reconcile with her estranged Grandfather. And when she can help Ben out, she does so gladly.

Little does she know that this decision will lead both of them into mortal danger.

Can Ben escape that Hunter family? Can Sylvia handle the dire truth?

Release Date: July 10th, 2021

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A Wolf’s Fear

"A Wolf's Fear", cover of book 2 of the Wolves of the South series

Liz McMullen has escaped the hunters once. Can she do it again?

With the Hunters hot on her tail, Liz seeks refuge in her wolf shape. After a dangerous journey, she thinks she found a safe hiding place.

Little does she know that she has stumbled into the lair of her family’s enemies.

Erik just wants to recover from his injuries and build a new life away from his delusional and murderous grandfather. And when Ben asks for his help, he’s happy to return the favor.

Little does he know that a wolf will challenge everything he believes in.

Will they survive the Hunters? Will the wolf be their destiny?

Planned Release Date: August 10th, 2021

Pre-order Book 2 of Wolves of the South through these links: Amazon | Apple | all other stores

A Wolf’s Honor

Nessa McMullen is riding out of danger on her motorcycle.

She doesn’t get far before Hunters stop her. When a biker wolf pack comes to her rescue, she thinks she’s safe.

Little does she know that danger lurks even among those wolves.

When Nick Karagiannidis vows to help the hunted wolf girl even if it means questioning his loyalty to his pack leader, he is well aware that he is playing with fire.

Little does he know that his heart is playing a different game.

Can they escape the pack leader’s lethal wrath? And will Nick listen to his heart?

Planned Release Date: September 10th, 2021

A Wolf’s Fury

Connor Hamilton inherited his pack leader’s phone, job and life, and he doesn’t like it.

After everything that happened, he struggles to make the right choices to rebuild the pack. Finding unexpected help from Nick, he keeps the gigs going and brings in new wolves.

Little does he know that the next security gig will lead to his protegee being kidnapped along with his heart.

When Ashley Beechcroft tries in vain to persuade her handsome body guard to spend a night in bed with her, she has no idea who exactly she is dallying with.

Little does she know that just hours later, her life will turn upside down, flinging her into adventure, heartache and desperation.

Can Connor make the right choice in the face of mortal danger? Can Ashley find the courage to resist the awful fate her father has planned for her?

Planned Release Date: October 10th, 2021

A Wolf’s Fight

Olivier lost his job, his boss and almost his life. And becomes something he struggles with.

When his new doctor orders him to get more rest at a special rehab facility, he reluctantly agrees, knowing he will have to come to terms with his new life.

Little does he know that his old life will catch up with him with a vengeance.

Alice is fascinated by a new wolf, coming into his power much later than usual. Having been called in to heal his severe injury, she just wants to get him to a safe place and help him adjust to what he is.

Little does she know that the simple drive home will lead her and Olivier into mortal danger.

Can Olivier let go of his past? Can Alice learn to listen to her heart?

Planned Release Date: November 10th, 2021

Watch this space! There is more to come for the Wolves of the South!

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