About Hannah and her 20+ exciting Books

Sometimes, I think there isn’t much to say about Hannah.

I was born. I grew up, went to school, to university and found a job. And then I started writing, like almost every author ever. Boring, eh? But short.

About Hannah

Actually, I was born in Germany, to German parents. But I took my life into my own tiny hands when I made my parents take me to the US at the tender age of two. We stayed for half a year. That’s where I got my first taste of English, and I loved it. As you can see, I never let that love die.

About Hannah in School

The next chance to learn more English came when I was eleven. My father did a lecture tour in the US, my mom went with him, and my parents dropped me off in North Carolina in time to celebrate the Bicentennial. (You do the math.) I went to an American School for the first time in my life. And I figured out I could actually make myself understood even with a limited vocabulary and much improvisation.

At sixteen, I became an exchange student and went to Rowland High School in Southern California. That year included earthquakes, Homecoming Game, Disney Land, Disney Studios, Animation, and Knott’s Berry Farm. I graduated, visited family on the East Coast and went home, to continue school in Germany. Sounds a little unfair, eh? But I still had to do two more years of school back at home before getting my German Abitur.

About Hannah at University

I spent the next year and half getting certified as interpreter and translator of English. That wasn’t enough to find a decent job, so I went on to Kiel University and finally got a Staatsexamen (first teacher exam) in English and Spanish. During my studies, however, I discovered that teaching in the German school system wasn’t what I thought. So I grabbed the chance at a day job at university and started a PhD.

About Hannah and Writing

The PhD project failed eventually, and that’s when the writing virus hit me. In a short time, I finished a couple of novels and started about three others, all set in a wild fantasy universe. I found an agent. I got my first short stories published.

But my agent never managed to sell the series.

Eventually, we both gave up on it. I went into yet another direction, discovered EFT Tapping and became a licensed therapist. Sadly, when the pandemic started, I had to shut down my practice. Now I’m focusing on my writing and published a dozen books in 2021. I’m still working part-time at university because one has to pay bills, but soon, very soon, I will reach World Domia… wait. No. Not that. But I’d love to become an author who can live on her writing.

About Hannah and her Books

By now, I have published almost two dozen books, several short stories and three series. I’m working on many more. And you really don’t want to know how many unfinished stories I have on my hard drive. I blog about my writing and of course, I have a newsletter co-authored with that little red dragon you can see on my shoulder up in the image.

If you haven’t read anything written by me, try one of my three freebies. That’s really the best way to find out whether you like my style, me heroes and my worlds.

You can also look at my author page on Books2Read – where you’ll get links to your favorite store. There is also an Amazon page and a Google Play Store page. I’d be very happy to sell a few books, honestly. I happen to think they are worth it. And there are more every year!

About Hannah and her Newsletter

Yes, I have one. Of course. It’s mostly about Ember and her silly adventures, but also about fun stuff you can do as a reader. I also share books that I have read and liked.

Sign up here, if you are so inclined:

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About Hannah and Social Media

You can find me on several social media, but his is where I’m most often:

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  1. Wow, I’ve known you online for what, whoa, it’s been FIVE years!, and I never knew all your back story! Thanks for filling in the gaps!

  2. Well, of course there is lots more that I don’t want to go into in public. But this is what shaped my life and my love of English, and definitely impacted my writing. And it’s been great knowing you!

  3. Ferran says:


    Sorry. You mentioned about my email and books on Passive’s site. I can’t find yours.

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