Joanna Steenen – New Adventures with Spice

Joanna Steenen is my new pen name.

Why a new pen name?

Because I started writing in a new style. Joanna does what Hannah does not: Write explicit sex.

I believe the voice is similar. The stories are just as full of adventure, action and love as ever. So if you like Hannah’s work and don’t mind explicit “naughty bits”, you’ll enjoy Joanna’s stuff, as well.

Why Joanna Steenen?

I want my new pen name to be similar to Hannah Steenbock. I think that works with Joanna. And the Steenen is almost like Steenbock.

And I actually did google that name, and nothing came up. Which means it’s a good name to build visibility around – searches will go to me.

What is Joanna up to?

There are two series in the works, actually.

The Franssisi Chronicles

1) Captive
2) Fugitive
3) Catalyst
4) Fulcrum

I call the series “Zell”, after the main character, a wonderful guy, even if I say so myself.

It’s about a human colony taken over by aliens who use humans are their pets, as well as bed partners. Zell is a “Wild One”, a human who has not been bred by the aliens, and is thus considered to be both dangerous and a desirable pet… but his captors have not planned on his indomitable nature.

The Exterminator Series

This one is a demon hunter series, where I’m still looking for a series title. First book is done (and called “The Exterminator”).

The veil separating Earth from other worlds  has become thin. And demons are the first ones to exploit that new opportunity, but they are not the only ones. Watch the Exterminator Gregory team up with an alien demon hunter to fight a terrible attack on his town.

Right now, I’m working on getting feedback from beta-readers, editing, formatting and covers, as well as writing more. Hoping to get the first book out soon. Wish me luck.

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