Dragons – 7 Books with my Favorite Fantasy Creatures

Dragons are my favorite fantasy creatures, but it took me years to convince myself to write stories with them.

I love the Pern dragons by Anne McCaffrey. Those stories were my introduction to fantasy, after all. (Despite reading Lord of the Rings earlier.) And I continued loving them, even after they turned out to be genetically engineered.

I love dragons like this golden one.

I’ve read lots of fantasy books, and I really enjoy having dragons in them. I’m glad that they have evolved from the prototypical evil creature like Smaug into something much more diverse.

That’s why I finally decided I could write them and not be accused of ripping them off. Just like the Pern ones, mine are telepathic and intelligent. However, they are also full beings rather than clever animals, just as smart, caring or evil as a human. That’s where I went beyond Pern, in the end. And there are some more, small differences you’ll discover in the books.

My Dragon Books

The Cloud Lands Saga

So far, I’ve written one full series about dragons: The Cloud Lands Saga.

1) Dorelle’s Journey
2) Kraken War
3) Dragon Court
4) Betrayal

There’s also a short story set in the same world, but a bit earlier than those books:


You can also get all these books in one Boxed Set – it’s cheaper that way.

The Cloud Lands Beginnings

There are more stories coming in a second series set in the Cloud Lands world that I call The Cloud Lands Beginnings. They describe the time when dragons (“Firebeasts”) first came to the continent where humans live. And no, those first encounters were not good at all, and resulted in much suffering.

1) Dragon Prey
2) Dragon Clan  (Amazon only at the moment, will go wide)
3) Dragon Pawn – which needs to be reworked
4) Dragon Power – in the planning stage

Don’t want to miss any dragon book? I give you…

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