Borderline – a Cloud Lands Short Story

"Borderline" Cover


“Borderline” is a short story set in the word of the Cloud Lands Saga.


Ylanda is a scout and spy of the Western Kingdom.
Kerrin is a warrior for the Carmine Empress.
Their dragons have been trained to fight each other.

When fate forces all four of them to cooperate for simple survival,
they have to choose which borders to cross and which to uphold.

And which borders to toe very carefully…


This story took seed from a writing project that basically said Winter and Romance.

And that’s what you get in “Borderline”, with the addition of some dragons, a war, and some basic human decency.

In fact, I hope you will enjoy this story and fall in love with Ylanda and Kerrin, as I did when I wrote this. Both of them actually do appear in my dragon series, The Cloud Lands Saga.

Since I wrote this story between writing the third and the fourth book of the Saga, I chose Ylanda, who appears in Book Three as a member of the Dragon Court, as the main character for this short story. It felt fitting to tell a story from her earlier life as scout, as well as giving her a nice secret and more depth.

Kerrin, however, was very new to me, and I only got to know him through writing “Borderline”. Which didn’t stop me at all from giving him something to do in “Betrayal”, which is Book Four of the Saga. And who knows, maybe King Elsen – who reigns over the Western Kingdom in the series – actually knew about their relationship and made good use of that connection between Ylanda and Kerrin. After all, it’s always good to have a backchannel when doing politics.

At least I like to think so.

Where can I buy “Borderline”?

“Borderline” is available through Amazon and a lot of other vendors – Global Link

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