Sky Falls – the new, powerful book 6 in the Winds and Pillars Series

Yes, it’s true! Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire Book 2, is finally out and available in all stores, with print via Amazon.

I will say that Sky is also a character dear to my heart, at the same level as West. He’s just so much fun, so curious, so sweet. In fact, he’s pretty much a scientist in mind, he loves to experiment and try out new things.

Of course, once he escapes the Sacred Square, he does get a little overwhelmed with all the new things he has to learn.

Once again, Taire Morrigan has created an awesome cover for me and the series. I really think it captures the essence of Sky – all of his power in the flash of lighting, but also his intelligence and quick understanding of situations.

For this book, I also had a wonderful beta-reader. I have to thank them for catching quite a few errors and typos – so if there are any left, you have to blame me for them.

I really hope you’ll like Sky Falls as much as I do. And well… don’t start this story in the evening because you may not get a lot of sleep that night.

But see for yourself!

Sky Falls cover

Description for Sky Falls:

A daring escape. An unlikely ally. A wicked betrayal.

When the day of his sacrifice draws near, Sky Falcon has nothing left to lose. Daring the wrath of the Priests, he escapes through a clever application of his magic, taking the love of his life with him.

Together, they hatch a desperate and daring plan: After escaping the Holy Empire through different routes, they vow to reunite near Jungle Fortress in the south.

On his own, Sky makes an unfortunate mistake which leads him down the road to doom. Can he escape once more or will he find himself bound on top of a Pyramid, after all?

“Sky Falls” takes you on yet another intense and fast-paced ride through the world of the Winds and Pillars, with familiar characters lending a hand.

What people say about Sky Falls:

“Just plowed through Sky Falls. Thank you for this wonderful book! It calmed me when I needed calming (even though a part of me wants to see those priests BURN).”

Links for Sky Falls:

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