Progress Report December 2023

December Progress Report 2023
Snow days in the park.

I have great news in this progress report: I published a new book this month!

But first things first:

I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo. The Wolf story ended before I could reach the 50k words, and that was just fine with me. I wanted a Christmas novella, after all, and that’s what I got. I put the rest of the month into editing and formatting that tale.

Which leads me directly to the…

Wolves Progress Report

A Wolf’s Christmas came out on December 2nd (depending a little on the sales channel).

Cover of A Wolf's Christmas, part of the Wolves progress report

It was great fun to write, seriously. Thing is, I deliberately set the story in a small town in Germany that I know (not really that well, but Google maps help).

I also used the opportunity to show off some German Christmas traditions, as festive decoration of the story. And of course, Fred and Mark have a problem to solve and get into trouble – like all my Wolves.

They do good work, as always, and yes, there is a romance subplot. How could there not be, considering it’s a Christmas novella?

Here’s the link if you feel like buying the book: A Wolf’s Christmas in all stores.

And yes, I’m still writing the story of Shane and Dylan, A Wolf’s Hacker. I do think I can manage to get it all done and published next year.

And no, I’m not forgetting all the other shifters. I wish I could write faster, because I love all those ideas.

Winds and Pillars Progress Report

Okay, not writing those right now (we’ll get to that soon), but I have plans to edit Sky Falls during my Christmas vacation. It’s basically written, and just needs cleaning up and editing a few bits and bobbles. I have high hopes I can get it published in January (February at the latest).

Sky is also a character I fell in love with (nothing special, I love them all), and I really hope you’ll like him, as well. And I can promise cameos by other beloved characters.

Sun’s story is also almost done, and I already know quite a few things about Moon. So rest assured, I will finish this series.

Lit RPG Progress Report

Yes, that’s one of those series I’ve kept hidden on my backburner. It’s called The Mengarian Conspiracy and it’s pretty much a tale of a party of adventurers having, well, adventures, doing good and eventually (no idea how long or how many books that’ll take) uncovering a conspiracy to murder the current king and queen. I have three finished books, but I’m being held back by the (always rather stressful) search for a cover designer I can actually afford.

In very good news, I have a beta-reader for book 1 (who already told me they like it), so maybe I can figure out the cover problem. There might soon be more progress to report.

New Vampire Series Progress Report

It was bound to happen. I mean, I’ve been reading vampire books for a while now, and Writer Brain does read along. I have a series name already – Penumbra – and I have a few main characters and a few side characters. I also have titles (which might change slightly) for four books. There will probably be more, with the MCs changing in every book, in the Romance series fashion. That also means the books will be stand-alones, but tied in with the other books.

A Lion’s Battle
A Warrior’s Dream
A Breath of Spring
A Librarian’s Wish

It won’t be the classic vampire stuff, instead I thought of a twist. You see, my vampires are actually Children of the Sun and they fight the Hunters of the Night. They were created to defend humanity from evil, and to be reminded of that, they need to feed on blood. They also have some of the classic vampire abilities (strength, speed, fast healing), while their foes have other classic vampire features (can’t stand sunlight, turn into bats, not photos or mirror images). Oh, and Old Souls also matter.

Writing Book 1 now and having much fun with it. At least I’m back to writing every day, even if the word count isn’t entirely impressive.

Life Progress Report

Two words: Daylight Lamp.

As long as I can remember to turn it on in my mornings, it does make a huge difference in how I feel during the day. I definitely battle with SAD, and let me tell you, the days in Northern Germany are DARK in winter. (And right now, we’re having few sunny days. Can’t wait for the Winter Solstice.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas break from the day job. Also seeing family, which is always nice.

November was a dreadful month for sales, but December is coming along nicely so far. And somehow, seeing sales and the occasional review really makes me happy. It is a validation in a way, and a relief that people do like my books.

Ember Progress Report

Well, no. This is just your usual reminder that you can get my news through the newsletter I send out every month on the 13th. It has my book and writing news, it has opportunities to grab other books and it has the Ember Tale. There is no other way to get those.

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