Progress Report September 2022

Progress Report September 2022

It’s time for another Progress Report, and yes, I do have quite a few things to talk about. Stuff happened, life went on and stories grew.

And I need you, dear Readers. More about that below.

Winds of Destiny Progress Report

West Flows, Book 2 of the series is out, and this pleases me a lot.

What would please me even more (actually, it would make me cry happy tears, really!) would be finding some readers for this tale. Because I love my West to bits.

The other day, I looked up what a “Cinnamon Roll” hero is because a friend of mine uses it all the time to describe her hero. Well, turns out that describes a good guy, someone possibly a tad naive and definitely somewhat emo (like me).

That’s West.

He does something rather inane and very emotional at the beginning of his book, escaping his fate of being sacrificed on top of a nasty black pyramid. Yes, he expects to die. No, he doesn’t, because clearly, there wouldn’t be a story if he did. Or at least not the kind of story I write.

After surviving (much to his own surprise), he decides to find a mentor. There actually is someone (South, from book 1, to be precise) and so he sets out to get to her. Not an easy task, as you’ll find out – and then Madu kicks him out.

Now West is between a rock and a hard place and makes a fateful decision. And yes, I am mean enough to make you find out what he does on your own. (Hey. Don’t look at me like that. I’m a little meany deep down, or I wouldn’t be able to torture my chars as much as I do.)

Anyway, West Flows is now up in all stores and you can grab the book here:

West Flows (Books2Read link)

Pillars of the Empire Progress Report

In further news about the Winds (and the Pillars), I’m currently working on Book 5 (or book 1 of the Pillars). This one is called Earth Splits, and to be honest, it’s a difficult one. It needs more action or at least tension, but I’m in the process of setting up a nasty trap for my heroes.

I’ll torture East a bit more… or, hey, why not Earth? (This is me having a plot inspiration as I’m writing this. It happens.)

Anyway, there is progress and I will finish the series. I’m already getting glimpses of Sky, who will be the hero of Book 2. He’s a trickster, escaping an endless number of impossible situations. I will have much fun with him – and he will challenge me in different ways. I’m hoping to make him my NaNo project. (Book Title: Sky Falls)

Screen Writing Progress Report

"A Wolf's Quest" the first book in my werewolf fantasy series Wolves of the South

Yes! I finally have something to report, after not looking at the Wolf script for months. It’s not that I don’t want to work on it, it’s that so many things keep coming up – and that my brain has been on a bit of a burn out and demanded a Romance spree.

But! I bought a screen writing class and as soon as I post this report, I’ll go and take care of the first assignment.

I dream of creating a series of Mini-Series (does that make sense to you?) for a streaming service from my Wolf books. And I need a bit of your help.

If you read my Wolf books and found them to your liking, can you leave a review? Or at least a rating? Here’s a link to the first one, which is free. (But you really should read on, the series gets better and better. And leave reviews.)

A Wolf’s Quest (Books2Read link)


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