Funny Keyword Image for “South Breaks”

I’ve been seeing images that list keywords for a review with the cover. So I made a keyword image for South Breaks, just for the fun of it.

And because I’m not a fan of all those graphics apps (and could never use them on my phone!), I play with GIMP. This first one took me hours, but it was also a great learning curve. (It even led me to install a bunch of new brushes in GIMP, but don’t ask me how I did that.)

Lesson learned: Never draw those arrows in the gradient layer. Ever. *sigh* Make a new layer instead.

Here’s how it came out:

Keyword Image for South Breaks

keyword image for South Breaks

I find the gradients tricky, admittedly. I’m planning on making another one for West (I made one for him in Canva, after all, but the background is too busy for me).

I haven’t found a nice brush for arrows yet, so those are hand-drawn. To be honest, they don’t have all those curly flourishes you find in apps, but I find them more personal. Drawing with a mouse isn’t easy, though.

Keyword images for the series

There is something that gives me a happy bubble in my heart:

I plan on making the mules a running gag in all the keyword images I’ll create for the series. *snicker*

Because they are in books 1-3, but there are none in book 4. I don’t know about books 5-9 since I still have to write them, but I can guarantee a certain mule will appear in some of them. (Okay, you’ll need to read West Flows to get the full meaning here, but hey, it’s coming out on September 10th, this year.)

Now, I find that I enjoy these graphics, but I don’t know about you. Tell me, please. Looking forward to your comments.

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