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Funny Keyword Image for “South Breaks”

I’ve been seeing images that list keywords for a review with the cover. So I made a keyword image for South Breaks, just for the fun of it. And because I’m not a fan of all those graphics apps (and … Continue reading

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Graphic Steps

I need to brag a little. Because I created something I’m quite proud of. And it wasn’t easy. Well, it wasn’t really hard, either, just a bit complicated. You see, I wanted to create an add for “Dorelle’s Journey”. My … Continue reading

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I’m Proud to be an Indie Autor

From my posts you may have seen that I’m an indie author who self-publishes her books. And I’m proud of it. Yes, sometimes I see things that make me cringe. Yesterday, I was pointed to a book (which shall remain … Continue reading

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Was ich am Ebook-Marketing hasse

Ich bin ja dem Selbstveröffentlichen gar nicht abgeneigt und habe sogar gerade meinen nächsten Bestseller eine englischsprachige Kurzgeschichte zum Formatieren etc. in Auftrag gegeben. Daher schaue ich natürlich, was andere Autoren in diesem Bereich so treiben, um ihre Geschichten und … Continue reading

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What I Hate When People Market Their Ebooks

As I’m thinking about self-publishing, I’m also trying to get a feel for how to market my future bestseller upcoming short story. And I’m stumbling on things that make me, as reader, rather angry. In fact, I think the last … Continue reading

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Intricacies of Modern Book Marketing

Yesterday, I posted about how frustrated I am that Amazon still isn’t carrying our novel, “Der Mannwolf von Königsberg”. This simple fact makes marketing the novel rather difficult. (And it’s one reason I haven’t posted much about it.) I admit, … Continue reading

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