The Strange Symbol on the Cover of South Breaks and its Meaning

Detailed look at the symbol on the cover of South Breaks

If you’ve taken a look at the cover of my new book, South Breaks, you probably noticed that symbol hovering above the title. It looks a bit like a compass rose with some extras, right?

That’s on purpose. Every single item in it has a meaning. Let me explain.

South Breaks and the Winds

South is the name of one of the four Winds who live in each House*. The others are West, East and North (obviously). And yes, they are named after the cardinal directions and not much else. Their job is to provide energy to the Pillars when those work their magic.

In the symbol, the Winds are represented by the pointy parts. And if you look closely at the image above, you’ll see that the one pointing down is golden, unlike the other three. That’s because this book is about South.

Of course, the stories will show that Winds are by no means limited to handling plain energy. Often they have a special power that has been suppressed by the Priests overseeing each House and the powerful people living in one.

South can handle energy, of course, and she makes it into shields. She’s also learning to use her energy to heal. I won’t spoil the special powers of the other Winds just yet, you’ll have to wait for the books to come out. (They are already written.)

*A House consists of eight people, four Winds and four Pillars. Each year, one House dies and a new House is founded. There are 25 Houses, set around the Sacred Square in the center of Holy City. (And that is as much world-building as I’ll inflict on you here.)

South Breaks and the Pillars

Now, the other half of each House is made up of Pillars. That’s the generic term for elemental mages, and unlike the Winds, the mages’ names actually reflect the kind of magic they can use.

The four Pillars are Moon, Sun, Sky and Earth. In the symbol, they are represented by the blobs between the cardinal points. If you look very closely, those blogs have little symbols on them that show the element aligned with each Pillar.

Let me lay it out for you, though, to spare your eyes: Moons handle water in any shape and form. Suns do heat and fire, Skys handle lightning and electricity, and Earths deal with rock and plants.

Their elements and their personalities match to a degree. Moons are often gentle and look for harmony. Suns are joyful, shiny people who love life, while Sky are often mischievous and volatile. Some Skys tend to brood or break rules on purpose. Earths on the other hand lean towards being calm, grounded and nurturing.

I want to read South Breaks!

Nothing simpler than that. For South Breaks, you can choose between several stores for the ebook and there is a print version available on Amazon:

Ebook / Print

Is there more than just South Breaks?

Oh, yes! You can also get to know West very soon as the second Wind in my series, I’m finalizing the book right now. I already have set up a link (it only points to the preorder on Amazon at the moment, but that will change very soon).

West Flows

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Daily Update 8/3/2022

Gute Nacht, Freunde!

Daily Update Krighen

500 words for the Twin Worlds #3. I gave Krighen (this is the Artbreeder image I made for him) some nasty trouble, and it will take a big effort by his friends to save him.

Also I read through an old NaNo-story with a dragon shifter and it has potential. Needs a rewrite, though. Not sure it’s worth it, since I would have to expand it into a series before it becomes even viable, and so far, it’s not long enough for a a series starter.

Have a snippet from what I wrote today:

Something wrapped around Krighen’s mind and yanked, and suddenly, he tumbled through the air helplessly, unable to bite back a scream. Rage filled him and his armor popped out, just in time to protect him as he hit the ground awkwardly. He rolled, screaming again with pain as the arrows were driven deeper into his arms, and before he could stop the rolling, he fell off the edge of the cliff.

His fall was cut short when he landed on a rough ledge, the impact driving all breath from his lungs. Gasping with pain, he clung to some rocks, fighting to stay conscious, to avoid falling to his death. The beach was far down, breakers washing over several boulders dotting the sand, and even his armor would not save him if he lost his grip.

Darkness wavered at the edge of his vision.

Trials of Power, The Twin Worlds Book 3

This is the start of an experiment. I will share daily updates on my writing progress on my Patreon.

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Review of the new Dragon Gate Series by Lindsay Buroker – definitely read those 5 great books

Dragon Gate series by Lindsay Buroker

Yes, the Dragon Gate series is what I have been reading in the last few weeks. In fact, it was rather riveting, for several reasons.

The Dragon Gate heroes

Lindsay offers up a bunch of good people, starting with Jadora, a scientist, herbalist and archaeologist, and her son Jak. Both are on a quest to find a special artifact – but when they do, their lives are irrevocably changed, along with the entire world. Because they found a dragon gate…

There are also a bunch of mercenaries, mostly women. They are great fun, they are lippy and they don’t take prisoners. Well, mostly. Unfortunately, they find out that they cannot always choose who they work for. Let me name Ferroki, the captain of the mercenary band, and Sorath, who is trying to be an ex-mercenary – and failing.

Next is Vinjo, a creative engineer and minor mage. He’s a genius, and that lands him in hot water. Or cold water, depending. He finds out the hard way that he has little choice who to work for if he wants to stay alive.

And finally, we have the zidarr Malek, the champion of one of the major mage-kings in this world, fighter extraordinaire and accomplished mage himself. Superhuman, basically. Most of the zidarr are cold, arrogant men (there is no female zidarr, although someone we get to meet has tried), but Malek has a different past and turns out to be as honorable as his position allows him to be. Which comes with a price, at times.

Yes, there are some romantic relationships that develop among the good guys, and they are slow burn. In fact, when several finally do end up in bed together in Book 5, it took me by surprise. (Nothing very graphic, but yes, they do get close and personal.)

The Dragon Gate Villains

Most fantasy books have villains, and this series is no exception. The world is ruled by several kings and at least one queen. They are mages who live and rule from flying cities, literally looking down on those puny, terrene humans without magic.

Uthari is one of those mage-kings, and while he can be generous, he tends to be fairly narrow-minded and only interested in his own well-being. He twists and uses everyone he gets his hands on. He’s also very old and one of the strongest mages in the world. It takes quite a while in the series before he actually has reason to fear anyone – and he moves quickly to contain the sources of that fear. No, he is not a good guy.

Tonovan is the commander of King Uthari’s mageship fleet, and he is the stereotypical bad guy. Arrogant, greedy, a rapist and a killer. The guy we all love to hate. He gets his hands on almost all of the good guys and gals at least once…

The Dragon Gate Dragons

Yes, there are dragons in the series, but it takes quite a while for them to show up, and… almost all of the ones who do are in a very bad mood. I won’t say more because you really need to read the series to understand what happened to the dragons and why they are what they are.

The Dragon Gate Series from a Writer Perspective

Now, this is where I will gush and fangirl. Because this series takes epic to another level.

You see, the plot twists and turns worse than a greased snake. And many, many times, Lindsay manages to pit our heroes against each other. Again and again, they end up in situations with impossible choices – and our heroes slip out of death’s clutches by the breadth of several times, often for a price. This is masterful. Seriously. I learned so much just from reading the series.

All heroes are up against impossible odds, too. Most of them have no magic. At the start, actually only Malek has any magical powers, but that changes over the course of the series (for reasons that make a lot of sense). On the other hand, practically all mages are villains who can read minds, throw fireballs and squash people they dislike. Or torture them.

And throughout the series, things get worse. The threats grow bigger. Heroes make mistakes that earn them even more danger. The stakes get higher – in the end, it’s about saving the world, not just their own lives anymore. The way this world unfolds and grows is also very well done, so I took notes on worldbuilding.

Having said all that, I can’t wait for the final book to come out – it’s scheduled for October and it’s in editing already.

Where to get the Dragon Gate Series

Right now, the series is exclusive to Amazon, and it’s in Kindle Unlimited. This will probably change eventually, Lindsay does put her books up on other stores after some time. There will also be audiobooks if you prefer those.

I’ll link you directly to the Series Page on Amazon COM: Dragon Gate Series.

More Dragon Gate Fun

Lindsay has a lovely website, and she wrote a post with some backstory when she was just starting out writing the series. Definitely worth a few chuckles: Dragon Gate: Behind the Scenes


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Progress Report July 2022

Progress Report July 2022

Yes, this is another ArtBreeder image I created within a few minutes, just for this Progress Report. Those images are public domain as per their terms – so it’s okay to use them here.

General Writing Progress Report

I’ve been writing every day. In fact, I’m on day 1285 of doing so. That’s three years, six months and a few days.

Most of that writing has gone to the Twin Worlds, you may have seen me talk about them. Right now, I’m writing a bit where Crash has been abducted by a mind-mage and the others are working to find and rescue him. This is part of book 2 – but I have so many more ideas.. I even know what I want on the covers, so I might just find a designer soon.

Just a few days ago, I pivoted over to the first book in what might eventually become a steamy romance series (with shifters, no less!). I finally figured out how to make it closer to market, by adding a few chapters to the beginning and actually giving the male hero his own Point of View. It’s great fun to discover how he thinks.

Now, I’m pondering a new pen name for that series… what do you think of Jenna Redrock?

Winds of Destiny Progress Report

I just published the first book of my Winds of Destiny series, which makes me very happy. Have a cover image of “South Breaks”

I decided to give this series to Hannah, after all, even though there are some explicit bed scenes. The general feel of it just fits Hannah a lot better. If you want to take a look and learn a bit more about South, West, East and North, head over to the series page.

The story is a feel-good adventure, the opposite of grim-dark. Yes, there are dark moments, but all in all, it’s not very gruesome or bitter. 

Last weekend, I managed to fix the interior graphic I used so it would come up clear in the print and set up the print version on Amazon. It’s available now!

There is already a preorder set up on Amazon for “West Flows”, which is book 2. The text is done, I have chosen the interior graphic, the cover is being created, I  just have to run it all through Atticus and then upload. I love West, and I really, really hope that you will, too.

The books for East and North are already written, but North will need some editing.

Wolves Print Progress Report

Yes, I know. *hangs head in shame*

However, finally setting up the print for South and learning how to actually do that on Atticus has given me much more confidence for setting up the Wolf books in print.

I’m planning to really get this done once I’m back from my vacation (taking the second half of July off). Of course, I also need to get West all set up because of the pre-order.

Editing Progress Report

I have a wonderful new client who is letting me proofread her fantasy books. Rather grimdark ones, but the story is intriguing and very, very intricate. She’s using a new pen name for these, but you can look up her other books here:

Mette Holm Books 

Of course, I’ll tell you once those books are up in the stores.

If you need an editor or proofreader, let me know! 

That’s all for today!


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At Blade’s Edge – Great Story by Doranna Durgin

At Blade’s Edge is the first book in Doranna Durgin’s Demon Steel series. She’s republishing them through her own publishing company. Yes, she’s very much an indie author, so keep that in mind if you prefer reading indie.

Since Doranna is also an author whose books I tend to just one-click even without reading the description (she is that good), I also grabbed these the moment I learned about them. And they are so good.

Today, I’ll talk about the first book in the series, At Blade’s Edge.

At Blade’s Edge – Book 1 in the Demon Steel Series

At Blade's Edge - Book 1 of the Demon Steel Series

Ignore the man chest. This is not steamy, although there is one (very sweet) sex scene, and yes, it’s paranormal romance.

However, this novella is also full of action.

Alex Donally finally gets the attention of Deb Marchant who works in a store for car parts. He doesn’t know that trouble lurks in her past, just as she doesn’t know he invites trouble for a living. And yes, there is mutual attraction, but both know better than to pursue it.

When their worlds collide, however, everything changes. Alex vows to protect Deb, with the help of a blade that is much more than it seems. And they ride directly into danger…

What I love most about this book is the amazing, crisp language. The description of Alex goes like this – and it tells you almost everything you need to know about him. It is also the very first sentence of the book.

Sharp dark eyes, sharp jaw, black leather and habitual stubble, definite bad-boy attitude.

Of course, there is much more for him that you’ll have to fund out yourself.

The characters have depth and a history that goes far deeper than necessary for this little novella and their interaction is clearly influenced by this history. That gives their world much more substance – and it will get even better in the next two books which are full novels.

What I don’t like? That cover. Dear gods, that’s just so not Alex and so not this story. I wanted to share the review in a group that does not allow steam – and a bare chest does indicate steam, even if it’s not just a man chest. So I couldn’t share it there, which is a shame because there is nothing crass in Doranna’s bed scenes.

(Here’s a secret. I must have re-read this book five times already. I love it that much – and it still manages to hold all my attention. I’m weird like that.)

Go read this book. Let yourself be drawn into a tight, fast-paced, sweet story that will leave you wanting more – and then continue with the series.

Find “At Blade’s Edge” here: Retailer Links

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Progress Report June 5th 2022

Progress Report June 5th 2022

I haven’t done a progress report in way too long, so I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to in the last few months…

Twin Worlds Progress Report

I spent most of my writing time with Sara, Judy, Crash and Krighen.

Book 1 is mostly finished, I’m getting feedback from beta readers and that means tweaking. I’m also getting a lot of ideas for books 2 and 3, which means more tweaking of book 1. Even so, I’m quite happy with it.

The funny thing is that I’m writing books 2 and 3 simultaneously. And yes, I am being mean to all of them (Sara gets away with the least pain – for now), but they also find out so much more about the villain and themselves. And yes, the relationship between Judy and Krighen remains volatile.

The image above is another Artbreeder creation. It could show a location from book 2.

Wolves Print Progress Report

Alas. I haven’t found the energy to look into this. At least Atticus seems to have stabilized a little, and they did something amazing about curly quotes. And June is already full of things to do (editing jobs, admin work), so don’t expect progress with that just yet. Apologies.

If you haven’t read my “Wolves” yet, you’re missing out on my best-selling series. In it, you’ll find Wolf shifters, Wolf bikers, a Wolf doctor, Wolf bodyguards and generally a lot of action and adventure paired with a sweet romance plot (no steam – they refused to go that route).

The book to start with – for free! – is “A Wolf’s Quest“, and it’s up on all major stores, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo and Tolino. You can even borrow it from your library through Overdrive. (But I’m not telling you that I think books 3 and 4 are my best ones…)

Winds of Destiny Progress Report

Now, I have awesome news for you here! Because the Winds of Destiny are coming out soon, which is a new series for my Joanna pen name (because it does have some explicit scenes in it). The first set is called Winds of Destiny (four books, already written), and the second set will be called Pillars of the Empire (five books, struggling with the first of those but I’ll get there).

Those books are back in my control and I just found a cover designer willing to work with my ideas and inside my budget. All I have to do is a final, final edit and then run the file through Atticus to create the ebook and the print – and I have a self-imposed deadline to get it all done before the July Newsletter.

That means you can look forward to a new book by yours truly next month!

Editor Progress Report

Yes, I’m actually editing for others!

Right now, I have two active projects and I finished a third one last week. It’s a weird mixture of fun and work, to be honest – fun because I get to read good books and work because I can’t just relax and enjoy them.

I also finished a proofreading job for an author I love (and would like to call a friend) in April. And she just published the book, so I’ll send you there because it is so absolutely awesome.

Rings of Ranadir, by Doranna Durgin

You may also know that I am a teacher at heart, and so I want to share a link with all my author friends. You see, the most difficult thing to get right in all this writing craft is punctuation. Especially punctuation around dialog – even more fun is the fact that this differs wildly across languages. Be warned!

Anyway, here is a link I have been sharing around because on that website they explain all the intricacies of dialog punctuation in American English. Yes, it must be that specific.

Here you go: How to Write Dialog.

That’s it for today, I aim to do this again next weekend – poke me if I don’t…

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The King’s Swordsman, an awesome series by Becky James

The King's Swordsman book 3

The King’s Swordsman is a fascinating saga by Becky James, one of my author friends. And right now, she’s getting ready to publish Book 3 in it, The Limit of the Lonely Man. Release date is June 9th.

I’m sharing the cover here, simply because I love Thorrn, the main character, and all the friends he makes. I love those stories and yes, I have re-read the books, which I only do with the ones I really, really enjoy.

Now, Thorrn is a very good swordsman. He’s fast, strong and swift with a blade. He’s also very loyal, caring, determined and stubborn.

He’s not necessarily smart.

And that gets him into a lot of trouble, especially since he also ends up having to deal with the weirdness of the United Kingdom on Earth on top of all the problems he has in Oberrot.

Yes, this is a series that uses a fantasy world, magic, sword-fighting and portals. It’s not quite a parallel world to Earth, but Earthlings play an important part in the whole universe there.

In addition to this fully-fleshed world, you get almost non-stop action, amazing plot-twists, portal fun and heartbreaking love. Well, and Thorrn gets beaten up a few times, poor guy.

I absolutely adore what Becky created and I want to encourage you to read the entire series. Of course! Because it’s that good. Here are the universal links through Books2Read:

The Tenets in the Tattoos

The Bind of Blood and Bonds

Go and read those books now, so you’re ready for Book 3 when it releases.

More about Book 3 of The King’s Swordsman:

The Blurb:

Evyn is running out of time. A princess could have a solution–or be her downfall.

Newly made Rangers, Thorrn and Aubin race to find the cause of Evyn’s strange illness, seeking out Princess Sabatha of Rush. Aubin’s self-doubt threatens the outcomes of the mission while King Gough is making political moves, hoping that Evyn continues her betrothal to Prince Gerlay of Dinahe rather than choosing anyone else.

But destiny weaves around them, drawing the multiverses and their hearts together. What is Evyn’s calling as the Spirit Shaper, and what does it mean to be the Lonely Man?

Take a look at the The Limits of the Lonely Man HERE.

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Progress Report May 2022

Writers of the Moon, Progress Report May 2022

Let’s start this progress report with a kind of bang. Or rather, this bang will come in the second half of 2022.

The above picture is how my month started out: I received mail from Susan Kaye Quinn, who has organized the Writers on the Moon project.

It literally means that my books will be on the moon, in the shape of epubs and PDFs, and what you see is the cargo manifest and the flight ticket. If you look closely, you’ll also see a little chip on top of the book (on Sidren’s body). That’s a mockup of the data chip that will be send to the moon. With any luck, the lander will take off later this year.

I think that’s so cool!

The Twin Worlds Progress Report

Right now, as I’m writing this progress report, I have some beta-readers going through the first version of Book 1, Steps of Courage. I’m also working on Book 2, Paths of Control, fleshing out the plot and giving my heroes a lot of trouble in the shape of an extra guard sent with them to make sure they don’t break any rules.

Which is not working… as you might expect.

In addition, the villain will take a much more active role in Book 2. You’ll get a better look than just her fleeing backside, and no, that won’t be fun for some of my heroes.

Oh, you want to beta-read, too? Let me know!

Dragon Pawn Progress Report

Yes, I have picked up the story of Marick, after stalling out on the dragon fights that I still need to write. In fact, I’m giving you a sneak preview of the first couple of chapters HERE, outside of this progress report.

I’m almost done with this book, set in the Cloud Lands Beginnings series. You’ll see a few familiar faces eventually, but it’s all about Marick – and of course, survival in a world where dragons still eat people.

Marick loves horses, which both helps in dealing with dragons and gives him a lot of heartache. Here’s how he sees them:

Marick had loved horses all his life. Their scent, their grace, their willingness to partner with humans… all of that spoke to his soul. Horses had always talked to him, through their movements, their looks, and sometimes, their sounds. It was almost like reading minds, he thought. And now, they had been reduced to food. They would never know the kind of partnership that was possible. They would never learn to balance a human on their back and race with the wind.

I’m fairly confident that I can get Dragon Pawn published around the end of June. So stay tuned (and sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already) so you won’t miss it when it comes out.

Wolves Progress Report

No, sorry. I still haven’t managed to set up the print versions. Apologies.

Instead, I’ve done something completely insane: I have created the first draft of a screenplay for the first episode of the first Wolf book, A Wolf’s Quest.

And it’s all the fault of The Mandalorian.

You see, my sister introduced me to the series when I visited them on my vacation before Easter. And my nephew lets me watch on his account. Let me admit it right here: I have binged the episodes. More than once. Ahem.

The story-telling just blew me away. Yes, it’s obvious that one person wrote it all and that a lot of thought went into the whole thing, including incorporating as much canon as possible. What I really enjoyed, however, was putting little hints and teasers into the series that really only made sense after a while.

I loved the way they built a main character we don’t ever see face to face (well, almost never) into someone we can care about, someone we relate to, someone we possibly might even love.

Simply through the story, through posture, action and his voice (and what a voice it is!).

Which got me thinking very hard about visual story-telling. And I remembered a friend of mine telling me that some of my dialog is practically screenplay-ready. So I asked him, and he generously shared two of his screenplays and pointed me to text books.

Which got me started on writing my own, which is a huge learning curve.

Now I dream of creating a Wolves of the South set of miniseries, one little series for each book. The first one, A Wolf’s Quest, will be divided up into three episodes, and I’m working on the first one. Definitely more to come in the next progress report.

It’s utterly insane because I have almost no contacts in the industry, I’m not a huge fan of movies and well… let’s be honest, most screenplays never sell. And yet I can’t get that image out of my mind, and I really, really want to see Ben’s eyes shift on screen. And yeah… I want to see Nick on his motorcycle and how Connor kisses Ashley.

If you know people in the streaming industry, would you introduce me?

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Progress Report April 2022

Progress report

Let’s start this progress report with an image from near where I live. This is the Eckernförder Bucht, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. And it stands for the first two weeks of April, which I took off work for vacation.

My sister (who is visiting me this week) and I walked there with two friends who provided transport (I don’t own a car). It was windy and we weathered a couple of showers with hail and snow. And I found a special rock – yellow sandstone with bog iron wrapped around it.

That fallen tree is still alive, btw, it has leaf buds. And just like that tree, my writing is still alive: I have been writing every day, just not as much as usual since I spent a week with my sister’s family. And I got to see my Dad, which was very good.

The Twin Worlds Progress Report

I’ve made substantial progress with the Twin Worlds since the last progress report.

Book 1 is almost ready for beta readers. I need to fill in one or two more chapters and then clean it up (taking out all my writing dates and comments).

I’ve started writing Book 2, and I have some fun coming up when Sara and Judy are reunited with their families. Happiness and heartbreak will go hand in hand there, before things will get really difficult.

I’ve also written a few chapters for Book 3 already – Writer Brain insisted on sending me scenes with such intensity that I had little choice except writing them out. Master Pentas will have quite a role in that one, and I have a neat little secret for Crash to find out there.

I finally made a decision on the series title. It will be known as “The Mages of the Twin Worlds”, and it will feature portals on the covers, to convey that part of the world.

Wolf Print Progress Report

Sorry. I didn’t get any further – which was good because Atticus kept adding functionality. And I just remembered that I wanted to change the preview chapter in Wolves #1. So it is a good thing I didn’t make much progress, but I really, really hope to get moving on that next week.

Atticus is great for formatting books. And I am pondering adding a wolf graphic as chapter header. Would you like that? Let me know in a comment.

Atticus Recommendation

If you are an author and want to format your own ebooks and print books, I will whole-heartedly recommend Atticus. Yes, it’s not cheap (147 USD as a one-time payment), but still cheaper than other formatting software that includes print PDF. And unlike Vellum, it’s available for all OS, including Linux. It works in almost every browser, too.

They have recently added much functionality to their print PDF creation process, giving us a full PDF preview before you download it.

It’s still not a program to write in – unlike Scrivener – but the formatting side of it is now extremely useful. It’s also getting more and more beautiful, with added templates and the ability to create your own unique look for your books.

I enjoy using it, so I hope you will, as well.

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“The Power of Conviction”, by Catrin Russell

The Power of Conviction by Catrin Russell

This book is the first in “The Light of Darkness”, an epic fantasy series by Catrin Russell. And as it behooves such a series, the ago-old battle between good and evil, literally between light and darkness, is at the front and center of it.

Here’s my review:

The story revolves around two main characters who are polar opposites: The Priestess Ayana and the demon Prime Samael.

Ayana lives in the Temple of Light and fighting demons is her everyday life. Those evil creatures keep attacking humans, stealing children and robbing crops. And the Head Priest has decreed that all demons must be killed in an outright war to rid the world of them.

Samael is the heir and prime defender of a large demon tribe. He is expected to marry and secure his line, to keep the tribe alive and safe. But none of the potential mates shoved at him stir even a flicker of interest. Instead, he keeps watching and baiting a certain priestess, with no idea why.

Soon, it becomes obvious that things are not as clear-cut as they seem. And not much later, convictions are beginning to be tested.

In addition to the two main characters, there is quite a team of supporting characters who all bring their unique personalities and experiences to the story, from the sweet, talented healer to the scarred war veteran. And love blossoms in many different ways.

I invite you to step into this epic world where Light kills, where Darkness creates fear, and where people strive to hold on to their convictions. And where, as you know, opposites attract.

You can find “The Power of Conviction” in these stores.

The Entire Series by Catrin Russell is for Sale for a Limited Time (April 17th – 21st)

The first 3 books of the completed Light of Darkness series by Catrin Russell are on sale between the 17th and the 21st of April! The series is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping high & epic fantasy tales with dark undertones and romance! As humans engage in a sweeping war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light is forced to choose between heart and duty. Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love will blur the very line between good and evil.

The Power of Conviction, FREE (Amazon worldwide)

The Path of Salvation, $0.99 (UK/US only)

The Resurgence of Light, $1.99 (UK/US only)

The entire series on Amazon

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