My Werewolves Meet Their Silly Avatars

The other day, someone pointed me to the League of Legends Avatar Creator, and I went and had fun making some for my werewolves. And for fun and giggles, I went and showed them to my Wolf friends when we had a BBC together.

The Problem with those Avatars and my Werewolves

Of course, those avatars are meant for the game, not for just anyone, so there are quite a few limitations, especially in choices for garments. So I had to make do with those and they don’t really fit my werewolf stories that are set in our world in the early 2000s.

What my Werewolves said

Let’s start with Ben. Here’s his avatar, and let me tell you, Sylvia did her best to hide a grin when she saw it.

Ben McMullen, one of my werewolves

Ben just laughed.

“You got my chin wrong. Look at it. Mine is much less pointy. And I think me eyes are a little more blue than that. And the hair less red.” He almost rolled his eyes, and I wasn’t exactly happy with that.

“This guy looks as kind as you are, though.” Sylvia had opted for a smile, rather than a grin by now.

“Hey, that’s a cool jacket!” Nessa said. “Do I get one like that?”

“You do,” I admitted. “It’s the only jacket that doesn’t look totally fantasy or steampunk.”

Of course, then I had to explain steampunk to them, but that was fun, at least.

“Did you do one for me?” Sylvia asked.

Sylvia Moran, another one of my werewolves.

“Yes.” I tried not to sigh. I was fairly certain she wouldn’t like it. There are very few realistic clothing choices for women.

Of course, she laughed, as well.

“Is that dress all torn up?”

I did sigh at that. “Yes. But the other one was just dreadful.”

“It looks like a met a monster.” A moment later she giggled and looked at Ben. “But then, I did, didn’t I?”

He grinned at her. “Not really, but some people think so.”

“Do you have one of me?” Liz was wrapping a strand of her long hair around one finger, and I had to reassure her right away.

“Of course, I do. And there’s one for Eric, too.”

Liz McMullen, the youngest of my werewolves.

Both of them jostled for a look at my phone. A moment later, Liz cracked up.

“That… that looks like a wicked shirt! I want it!”

“Your hair looks great,” Eric said, somewhat dreamily, and Liz laughed again. She went on to kiss him, and Ben did roll his eyes at them.

“You also got that worried look right,” he said, winking at his sister. “Although she has gotten better now.”

“Oh you!” Liz swatted Ben’s arm.

“Let me see.” Sylvia sounded as calm as ever, but even she grinned when she looked at the image.

“That’s not bad at all. And Liz really could use such a shirt. At least for the dancing classes.”

Eric laughed out loud. “She needs toe armor for those, not chest armor.”

“Oh? Let’s see yours!” Liz shook her hair back and grabbed the phone. “Ah. Same old jacket. No wonder you’re jealous of my armor.”

Eric sighed a little and I could tell he wasn’t entirely pleased.

“Sorry, Eric,” I said, feeling a little sad for him.

“It’s okay. I got Liz.” He gave me a brave smile and I squeezed his shoulder for a moment.

“And you look a lot better than in that image,” Sylvia added. “That’s probably just before you learned to shift.”

He brightened a little. “Yeah, I was not much of a good guy back then. You really taught me better.”

“Aww, Eric.” Ben hugged him. “You’re family now.”

Nessa McMullen, Ben's middle sister and accomplished bike rider and werewolf.

“Thanks. Let’s look at Nessa’s. I’m sure that one’s better.” He swiped on the phone.

“Wow. That’s cool.” Nessa grinned at me. “You even got my sunglasses. And I don’t mind the jacket. Also looks as if I’m getting ready to shift, with that silly bandage.”

Nick came closer and wrapped his arms around Nessa’s middle. “I don’t want to be reminded of that time when Reg shot you.”

He took the phone and swiped again. “Let’s see if you got me right.” He looked up and grinned. “Close. But do they really only have one kind of sunglasses?”

“Sadly, they do. And I didn’t want to give you regular glasses. That’s not you.”

He grinned some more and pushed his sunglasses into his hair. “You got that right.”

Nick Karagiannidis, my most honorable werewolf

“Hah!” Nessa leaned into him and kissed him. “She got your hair right, too. You really need to get it cut again.”

“Hmmm. But your eyes are too yellow.” Liz looked critical, glancing going back and forth between the phone and him. “And there’s that jacket again.”

“Yeah, sorry, guys.” I sighed. “I can’t help that, either.”

Nick laughed. “It’s all right. We all had fun with this, right?”

All of them nodded.

“So let’s put some fresh food on the grill. Who wants a beer?” They all did.

I took my phone back and decided to enjoy my time with my happy Wolves.