The King’s Swordsman, an awesome series by Becky James

The King's Swordsman book 3

The King’s Swordsman is a fascinating saga by Becky James, one of my author friends. And right now, she’s getting ready to publish Book 3 in it, The Limit of the Lonely Man. Release date is June 9th.

I’m sharing the cover here, simply because I love Thorrn, the main character, and all the friends he makes. I love those stories and yes, I have re-read the books, which I only do with the ones I really, really enjoy.

Now, Thorrn is a very good swordsman. He’s fast, strong and swift with a blade. He’s also very loyal, caring, determined and stubborn.

He’s not necessarily smart.

And that gets him into a lot of trouble, especially since he also ends up having to deal with the weirdness of the United Kingdom on Earth on top of all the problems he has in Oberrot.

Yes, this is a series that uses a fantasy world, magic, sword-fighting and portals. It’s not quite a parallel world to Earth, but Earthlings play an important part in the whole universe there.

In addition to this fully-fleshed world, you get almost non-stop action, amazing plot-twists, portal fun and heartbreaking love. Well, and Thorrn gets beaten up a few times, poor guy.

I absolutely adore what Becky created and I want to encourage you to read the entire series. Of course! Because it’s that good. Here are the universal links through Books2Read:

The Tenets in the Tattoos

The Bind of Blood and Bonds

Go and read those books now, so you’re ready for Book 3 when it releases.

More about Book 3 of The King’s Swordsman:

The Blurb:

Evyn is running out of time. A princess could have a solution–or be her downfall.

Newly made Rangers, Thorrn and Aubin race to find the cause of Evyn’s strange illness, seeking out Princess Sabatha of Rush. Aubin’s self-doubt threatens the outcomes of the mission while King Gough is making political moves, hoping that Evyn continues her betrothal to Prince Gerlay of Dinahe rather than choosing anyone else.

But destiny weaves around them, drawing the multiverses and their hearts together. What is Evyn’s calling as the Spirit Shaper, and what does it mean to be the Lonely Man?

Take a look at the The Limits of the Lonely Man HERE.

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