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Stories always are about relationships. They can be loving, hateful, dangerous or supporting – but a story rarely works without the main character having a relationship to someone or something.

Which makes it interesting for me to observe relationships, and look at the patterns I see in them. How do people express love? Or hate? What does a certain look mean, which words are code for something? It can be quite fascinating.

Right now, one of my neighbors is quite obviously expressing frustration and hate. Screaming, slamming doors, thumping things… unfortunately, it’s a pattern I have been observing for a while now.

It might find its way into a story eventually.

But his is a tragic story, and I don’t see a happy end for him at all.

That sadness is another pattern in a relationship…

An author’s mind can be a terrifying thing.

About Hannah Steenbock

Hannah Steenbock is an author, dreamer, and coach. She has published several short stories in English and German, as well as one novel in German. In 2013 she started self-publishing her work. In 2014, she has won two awards for her short story "Sequoia".
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