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Two Things Happened

They say to never apologize after a long break in blogging. They say to just pick up the pieces and continue as if nothing ever went wrong… lah di dah. Well, that doesn’t feel right. You deserve to know what … Continue reading

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Did Wild Horses Survive in America, after all? Probably not.

Horses can make headlines. Even dead ones! Today, I found an article that is a few months old. It’s about the discovery of the skeletons of two horses and one donkey in California, obviously in ritual burial. Radio carbon dating … Continue reading

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Winter Baby

Here I give you my new flash fiction tale, Winter Baby. Never mind the cryptic list at the top, that’s for the anthology we’re building. In fact, you can follow the link at the bottom to read more of the … Continue reading

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The Stablemaster

I know the background of some of my characters fairly well while others have been quiet about themselves. Some offer up their stories voluntarily, like Silven, the stablemaster. She stepped into my thoughts one night when I couldn’t sleep and … Continue reading

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More horses in Fantasy

Well, I took some more pics of Lennox, the gelding, and that gave me an idea for another blog post about horses. Take a good look at the saddle and tack there: This is the gear used in the English … Continue reading

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Horses in Fantasy

I admit, today it’s my weary bones that inspire me. That’s the usual aftermath of one hour spent on horseback, working hard on making the horse do what I want it to do. (I ride English style, for those in … Continue reading

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