The Cloud Lands Saga

The Cloud Land Saga is a series of stories set in two large continents of a mystical fantasy world, focusing on the adventures of Dorelle, a dragonrider.

Map of Dorelle's Word

Map of Dorelle’s World

The Southern Continent is dominated by two realms, the Western Kingdom and the Carmine Empire. The border between them runs through the large mountain chain in the middle of the continent.

The Northern Continent is the home of the Cloud Lands. It is an unknown land in Dorelle’s home, and is featured in Dorelle’s Journey for the first time.

The story returns there again and again, however, in the course of time. Eventually, the Cloud Lands become the focus of competing interests of the Western Kingdom and the Carmine Empire.

Dorelle is a dragonrider, and thus, the stories are much more about dragons than the political struggles between all three countries.

In the Western Kingdom, most dragons are treated like mildly intelligent animals, bred, trained, and used as couriers and fighters in warfare. Dorelle is one of the few dragonriders who appreciates her dragon’s intelligence and who loves her Mashira more than her career, her life or her oath to her King.

And thus her adventures begin in the book „Dorelle’s Journey“ and continue in the other books of the novella series.

Book 1: Dorelle’s Journey
Book 2: Kraken War
Book 3: Dragon Court
Book 4: Betrayal – coming in 2016

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