Three Awesome Free Books

Free books are an awesome way of testing the waters with an author who is new to you. Since I write in somewhat different genres – with a common denominator – I’m offering you three of them!

Each of them is a series starter, I’ll warn you right away. Even so, I believe my books are quite affordable. I also offer them in as many stores as I can reach, from Amazon to Smashwords.

Let’s dive right into those free books (ebooks, to be precise):

Dorelle’s Journey – the first of my free books

"Dorelle's Journey" - first of the free ebooks

This little book is the beginning of not just one but two dragon series, set in the Cloud Lands World. Here, you get intelligent, caring dragons and riders who either love them or do their best to control them. Find out on which side you are!



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A Wolf’s Quest – the second of my free books

"A Wolf's Quest" the first book in my werewolf fantasy series Wolves of the South - the second of my free books.

The Wolves in my “Wolves of the South” series are werewolves in a way – they can shift into wolf shape. However, they are neither alphas nor do they have to shift on a full moon. And they turn into wolves, not some kind of monster.

Having said that, they do have exciting (and sometimes terrifying) adventures, and they do find love in those books. The romance element is strongest in this series. There are six books in total, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with my Wolves just as I did when I wrote them.

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Decoy – the third of my free books

The Franssisi Four Chronicles is by far the most unconventional series that I have written.

Decoy - the third of my three ebooks

It is Science Fiction, because it takes place in the future and on a planet terraformed by humans. It has alien overlords and their high tech. It also has human hunter/gatherers and many, many secrets.

In addition, there are lots of explicit bed scenes (hence the other pen name), but it’s not Romance. Love does play a very important part in the books, but it’s more along the lines of polyamory and friendship than a classic love triangle.

The series is certainly epic in scope. Zell, my main character, does change the world for everyone living on that planet, and it takes six books to tell that particular story.

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