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“Dragon Court”

I just realized I never blogged about “Dragon Court”, the third book in The Cloud Lands Saga. Even though it was published end of November 2015…

Writing that novella was a challenge.

You see, after the Dragon Court debated Debesh’s actions with the rogue dragon and came up with a verdict, the paths of Orlen and Dorelle split. And I did my best to keep both story lines parallel, jumping from Orlen to Dorelle and back. Plus I had to keep Ferren in the picture, doing his dastardly deeds.

And it just didn’t work.

It was confusing, it was way too much for the wordcount I was aiming at, and it was driving my bonkers. Yes, I went as far as creating a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone. There were three story lines to coordinate, after all.

And then I finally realized what that story needed: Separation.

It was like separating Siamese twins. I created two new files and spent a lot of time to copy/paste the right chapters into the right file. And then, it was clear:

“Dragon Court” focuses on Orlen.

As Crown Prince with a newly won dragon friend, Orlen is in a pickle anyway. Add to that the harsh actions and threats by Pesuma, the Dragon Master, the sudden reappearance of his estranged mother and lost sister, and there is plenty of story to tell already.

So Orlen gets to have his adventures, trials, challenges and heartache. He gets to grow in many ways and become a dragonrider. And he really finds out what loyalty means.

As I’m blogging this, I’m working on “Betrayal”, the second Siamese twin. Dorelle and Debesh have to face an ever more rabid and insane Ferren… who followed them to The Cloud Lands.

I’m doing my best to finish this soon, so you can get your hands on it.

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