The 4 Fascinating Twin Worlds Characters

If you follow me or read my newsletter, you already know I’m working on a new series that I call “The Twin Worlds” as short hand.

It’s basically YA portal/shifter fantasy, with two Earth girls (Sara and Judy) being abducted and finding themselves in a new world. They team up with two local shifter guys (Kreshanaris and Krighen) and go through a lot of adventures just to find their place (and their powers).

Of course, there’s also a big problem and the world needs saving, and if all goes well, it’ll become a three book epic tale. I hope.

Before I get into all this, however, I have to mention ArtBreeder and how much fun it has become to use. You see, it’s an amazing AI tool to create images, including character portraits like these.

And this is my gift to you, my wonderful subscribers. You get to meet my characters in a special sneak preview.

Sara – New to the Twin Worlds

Sara Twin Worlds

Sara is an introvert and a book worm. Her family never understood why she was so quiet and tormented her into participating the whirlwind life with three other sisters.

Her mother might have a nail studio, her father is possibly a landscaper. In school, she was bullied for her quietness and because she preferred books to being around people (there is an aspect of me in that…). She read almost the entire school library.

Sara only has Judy as a friend and isn’t sure why Judy even bothers with her. They do enjoy watching movies (and musicals) together. Sara can ride horses, but is out of practice.

Judy – Also New to the Twin Worlds

Judy is a cheerleader who wants to study music at college and become a musical star. She’s outgoing, outspoken, sometimes loud, busty, fairly tall and usually cheerful.

Her father is an ex-marine, her mother a country-singer. Judy’s parents are divorced, her mother moved away with her new partner. Judy still has a guitar her mother gave her.

Judy often appears shallow, but she has a deep drive to connect with people and help others. She also tends to hide her feelings and put on a brave face for the outside world.

Kreshanaris – a Prince of the Twin Worlds

Crash – the nickname Sara inadvertently creates for him through misunderstanding his name – is a prince with several problems. He’s the youngest of three brothers (this might change), and none of them are heirs. The pressure is on to produce daughters under highly controlled circumstances, because the throne only goes to females. That heir business is getting more urgent since the Queen fell mysteriously ill.

He is also a mind mage, a power that is not well tolerated in the Twin Worlds (because their “Hitler” was a team of a mind mage and a destroyer). He was bundled off to their local magic academy – the Artes Magickae – once he was found out and not treated very well there. Most Masters fear and hate him. Oh, and he is fairly slim for Twin Worlds males.

Krighen – a warrior of the Twin Worlds

Krighen is a strong warrior, black hair, buff, a hunk, and also a little older than the other three. Being a guard is what he trained for all his life. He loves his position as portal guard. His commander is taking him across to Earth often and they spend days there in the wilderness (a national park) where the portal leads.

Unfortunately, he has no idea that he harbors the worst power of the Twin Worlds – he is a destroyer, someone who can turn into a berserker with armored skin. He already started using fury as a way to pull strength, and that’s how he treats Judy when he is assigned as her body guard after running into her on Earth and taking her to the Twin Worlds as the law demands. He struggles a lot with losing his position and discovering his power after they all meet.

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