Review: The Coming Storm, by Valerie Douglas

Cover - The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

It all began on Facebook. I don’t even remember who started the thread.

We were talking about horses in real life, and horses in stories, and Valerie mentioned Smoke, a horse in one of her stories. A stubborn gelding with personality and grit, and I thought I’d really like to read that tale.

And so I bought “The Coming Storm”, and started reading it on my vacation, a few days ago.

It starts out deceptively slow. It even takes a few chapters before me meet Smoke, and then he’s just the annoying horse of a friendly side character.

Naturally, he is annoying one of the main characters, and a few chapters later, Smoke saves her life. And he does more. He takes Ailith to the man who will become her best friend and ally, and he carries her through many adventures and close scrapes.

Of course, there’s also much traveling, tension and terror, a terrible threat and fierce battles, as well as magic. There are Elves, Dwarfs and Men, a High King and Wizards, there are politics and intrigue, and there is unspeakable evil.

There is everything that matters in an epic fantasy tale, and more. There is even a dragon, although I won’t say more than that about it.

For more detail, you will simply have to read the book.

But be prepared. You will need some tissues at the end, and you will need to go to Amazon and buy the sequel.

Fair warning.


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