Progress Report September 2023

Progress Report September 2023

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For this progress report it matters that August was a fairly busy month. At least September promises to be a little slower (but I do need to catch up on very important admin stuff these weeks). I have more ideas about my stories, specifically Sun (more about that below) and the Wolves.

I also have a new book out. There will definitely be more about that below, as well.

Mindset Progress Report

Most nights, I’m doing a nice visualization which helps me to sleep and which actually puts me into a good mood prior to falling asleep. IF – and that’s the big thing – I actually do it. I’m also making a better effort to do more walking.

You see, I have a deal with my sister that I walk down to the Aquarium once a week and send her a picture of the seals that live there. It’s a distance that tends to get me 10k steps. I know walking is good for me. I’m really trying to get back to my morning walks in the park, as well.

And I’m getting in more walks after my office days, in an attempt to make those less stressful.

It seems to help somewhat, because Writer Brain is actually giving me ideas again. And when I actually I get into writing, the words that come out are good.

Winds and Pillars Progress Report

For once, I can actually report progress. That does feel good!

I finished Earth (book 5). I finally wrapped my mind around the big reunion at the end of the tale (not saying more, because spoilers). Now I just have to clean up the final chapters, get it formatted, tell my suffering cover designer how many pages it came out to – and then I can publish it!

I really want to get it done before the end of September.

I’m also getting very nice ideas for the climax of Sun (book 7). The poor guy will get traumatized – but it will be so worth it! Yes, I have big plans for Sun and he will become central to the big plot in big ways.

And since Sky (book 6) is pretty much done already, I really hope I can get Sky published before the end of the year. If not, definitely January.

Wolves Progress Report

There is some news about the Wolves, too!

I’ve decided to change the order of writing the new Wolf books. You see, one of them is set to take place in Germany, A Wolf’s Christmas. It’s the story of Mark and Fred, who will get into some nasty trouble over here (not of their making).

But because time is rushing towards the end of the year and I do want to get it published in time for the holidays, I had to push A Wolf’s Hacker back to next year. Much as I love Shane and Dylan, they’ll just have to wait.

In fact, I have started writing A Wolf’s Christmas and I’ll share the first two chapters on Patreon very soon.

Publishing Progress Report

Der Ritter von Lar Elien

I do have a new book out! I repeat, I have a new book out.

Sadly, for most of you, it’s in German.

You see, my mastermind friend nudged me to actually go and publish all those lovely books that are lounging on my hard drive. I tend to keep them there until a series is mostly finished, but that’s not really a smart idea.

And since the first three books of my old, old Germany epic fantasy tale are basically finished and because I can end the series there if nobody buys it, I decided to just get them out.

They are certainly not my best work. Those stories were the first novels I ever wrote, they meander a bit, they are loooong and they are not as crisp and tight as my English-language ones.

Even so, Andert is very close to my heart, after all he was my first ever main character. Do check out Der Ritter von Lar Elien, if you read German. It’s very much a book of my heart. (And it earned me representation by a literary agency for some years…)

Short Story Progress Report

It’s dead, Jim.

Definitely on the backburner, now that I have Pillars and Wolves to take care of. I love my LitRPG series and really want to get it out, but honestly, that’s something for next year. I even found a cover designer I’d love to use for that series, but I haven’t dared to ask him about his prices yet.

But hey, if you want to see a meandering series of quests and adventures with a lively cast of a Fighter, a Mage, a Goblin, a Bard, an Assassin, a Druid and assorted pets, tell me so. They are fun, I know, but… energy is hard to come by these days.

Life Progress Report

Life is settling down into fall. The Equinox is near, and even though we had a nasty heatwave last week, temperatures are going down, the days are definitely shortening and I have to wrap my mind around going into the dark part of the year.

Usually, I don’t mind that much. I love candles, I love reading in my armchair snuggled in with a blanket, I love hot chocolate – but the loneliness is worse during those long nights. So I’m looking at activities that might actually get me out of the house once or twice a week. (No! Office days don’t count!)

Ember Progress Report

Yep. The inevitable newsletter non-popup.

If you like to get monthly updates without scouring your bookmarks for this page, if you love opportunities for getting book deals and the occasional review, and most especially if you love Ember (my sweet little dragon familiar), you really should sign up to my newsletter.

I only inflict it on people once a month, after all.

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