The Dragons go to War – “Kraken War” Release

Cover Kraken War

Kraken War

Today, “Kraken War” has gone live. It’s the exciting sequel to “Dorelle’s Journey”.

Dorelle is back in the Western Kingdom, after delivering her warning. And the King springs into action, organizing a fighting force, and giving Dorelle joint command with the Crown Prince, Orlen.

They don’t know that treachery is already brewing in the wings. A dragon has plans of her own… and when the fighting doesn’t go well, she acts on them.

Dorelle and Orlen have to fight the ultimate battle to save their lands, to beat back the aggressive kraken and to keep as many dragons alive as possible. Of course, Dorelle listens to her heart more often than to cold, military logic, with far-reaching consequences.

And then there’s a Wing Commander who stays true to his calling and his heart even under horrible circumstances and duress. A hero who would rather die than betray his Kingdom…

Follow the fighting dragons, and be swept away to a foreign land full of adventure, love, treachery, and heart-wrenching loyalty.


“Kraken War” is released both as ebook and in print. And as a special favor to my fans, you’ll receive the ebook for free if you buy print through Amazon. (Print is going through review, as well as matching with the ebook and should be available again tomorrow.)

As always, I’m asking a favor:
Please leave a few words on Amazon, Goodreads or your blogs if you enjoyed the story. And please, let me know if and when you do.

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