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Joanna Steenen has a new story in mind
New Story!

Here’s a clue to how I – or rather, my writer brain – work:

The past few mornings, a new story has been nudging me. It has been shifting, sorting itself, until I could start writing it. I still have no idea about the whole plot, except that it’s (once again) a story about changing an unjust regime and bringing freedom for the people.

South Rabbit is a member of a group of people destined to become sacrifices. Their death renews the realm and its protection (yes, that’s blood magic).

But something goes wrong, and South does not die as she is supposed to. This is the beginning of a series of events that will unravel a rein of terror and injustice… with South slowly discovering the world outside of her pampered existence.

New Joanna Steenen Manuscript: South Breaks

I think the series will be called “Pillars and Winds”, but I’m not sure yet. The first book is called “South Breaks”. And yes, it will be a Joanna Steenen story, because it will have a bunch of bed scenes.

So yeah. Have a little part of what I wrote this morning:

Moon never made a sound. Only at the end did his breath rattle a little. He died just as he had lived his life, quietly, gently, without a fuss.
And South’s heart broke.

Yes. It’s a dark start. It’s a dark place. But I already know that at the end, people will have a better life.

What do you think?

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