Interview #1: Meet Nick, my cool wolf character

Werewolf Nick

My wolf character Nick makes his first appearance in Book 3 of the Wolves of the South, “A Wolf’s Honor”.

Nick Karaginnidis is my favorite werewolf, and today, I’m giving you a fun interview with him. Thanks to my sister, I have some awesome questions and we’ll go through them one by one.

Interview with Nick Karagiannidis, my wolf character

Sis: Hi Nick, great to meet you. And I see you’ve driven up here on a motorcycle. What does that bike mean to you?

Nick *laughs*. “First of all, a bike means a lot of freedom to me. I can sense nature around me when I ride, I smell the trees and fields, the deer, everything. Smell is very important for a wolf.

Of course, it’s also cool. *winks*

Sis: How did you discover that you like motorcycles? Or is this something all wolves love doing?

Nick: I grew up in a small town, like most wolves, I’d say. And as a kid, I just loved to roam. One day, I ended up looking at all the cool motorcycles and cars in a garage. The mechanics were kind to a lonely kid so I came back. And I got good at sniffing out oil leaks. *laughs again*

They taught me a lot. I can still repair a motorcycle on my own and basic maintenance is easy enough. When I got old enough to drive one, I got my first bike and never looked back.

Sis: I’m assuming that those mechanics weren’t all wolves, were they? How do you or other wolves relate to ‘normal’ humans? Can you be friends? Do you share hobbies?

Nick: That’s a difficult question. I had a few non-wolf friends as a kid, but once we start shifting, it’s getting harder. We wolves are very sensitive to smells and noise, we don’t do very well in crowds. A human friend would have to be quite tolerant. In addition, they’d have to be able to keep our secret.

You see, we are always in danger from Hunters. Once they get wind of us, they try to kill us. So having human friends is a liability.

Sis: You mentioned starting to shift. How do you grow up and how does life as a kid differ from normal humans? Do you have a wolf school?

Nick: Most wolf families choose home-schooling for their kids, simply because it is so much safer. Kids talk, especially with friends. That is a sad reality for us. Most wolf families try to teach both normal topics and wolf survival.

We usually start shifting around the age of ten or twelve, just before puberty. That’s a very intense time for us, because we have to learn to use our wolf bodies and everything that we can do as a wolf.

Sis: Can you imagine a wolf kid getting adopted by a human family? What would happen around puberty?

Nick: Oh, it happens sometimes when Hunters target a family and a kid gets away. I’ve heard stories. If the kid is very young, they may never learn to shift. The wolf trait can be dormant. But even then, some of our nature will show. We love being outdoors, we enjoy nature, we are sensitive to smells and we can be very protective of the people we love.

Sis: If you were to meet such a kid or even an adult who doesn’t know they are a wolf, would you be able to recognize their nature?

Nick: Probably, but it depends on how close I get to that person and on whether I get some hints. Protectiveness is quite a clear one, and our physique is a bit different. Wolves tend to be well-built and strong. And well… we’re said to be rather handsome. *grins a little*

Sis: Now I’m curious… do humans fall in love with wolves? I realize this is a rather private question, so you don’t have to answer that.

Nick *laughs*. Oh, yes. And it happens quite a lot. In fact, my sister-in-law fell in love with a human, although neither was willing to admit it at first. And then… well, things got a little dire and she had to turn him.

That often is the outcome when such a couple finds true love.

Sis: Now we’ve talked about couples and how they spend their lives. Which makes me think of another question… do wolves have a similar life-expectancy as humans?

Nick: Normally, we would. We’re quite similar to humans. My mate Nessa likes to say that we’re humans with extras. *smiles* The problem is the Hunters. They kill us whenever they can, and that means wolf males often fall victim to them as they try to draw attention to themselves so their families can escape.

Sis: If you’re simply humans with extras, why don’t you stand up and fight for your rights? With public recognition, you might also get protection.

Nick *gives a bitter laugh*. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. Just look at how other minorities are still struggling for their rights. And we’ve been seen as monsters for centuries. Some places might be ready for it, but in most states, we’d probably be in even more danger.

I wish it could be different. I mean, with our traits and abilities, we could give value to society. We already do, working in security, fitness studios and such, but we could do so much more. *sighs*

Sis: Thank you for the fascinating insight into the life of a wolf, Nick. I do feel very honored to have met you and learned so much from your answers. And I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you and your friends safe.

Nick: It’s been a pleasure meeting you. And I’m glad you’re not afraid just because I’m a wolf.

Sis: That’s really cool. Thank you!

If you want to learn more about Nick, the wolf character, his adventures and how he met Nessa and saved her life, take a look at “A Wolf’s Honor”.

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