Ember Interviews – Have Fun with Ben and Sylvia from Wolves #1

Ember Interviews December 2021

Once in a while, I’ll post little question and answer games that Ember does with characters from my books. Today, Ember interviews Ben and Sylvia, from my werewolf series “Wolves of the South”.

“A Wolf’s Quest” is the first book in the series and the one which stars Ben and Sylvia. They do reappear in the subsequent books as supporting characters since they are part of the McMullen family whose adventures I describe.

Now, since Ember is a dragon, she uses telepathic speech, so her text is in italics. Imagine that you’re hearing her voice in your head.

Ember: Hi Sylvia, hi Ben, let’s say hello to our readers first, all right?

Sylvia: Hi everyone, my name is Sylvia Mason. I just finished my BA in library studies, and I had planned to spend my vacation with my Grandfather near Asheton in North Carolina. Except that things didn’t quite work out as I had thought.

Ben: Because you met me. And made me have dinner with your Grandfather. *grins* But first things first, I’m Ben McMullen, and I’m the oldest of three kids in our family. We used to live in a rural area in Virgina, but things got bad and we were forced to move den. Err, give up our home and go somewhere else.

Ember: Oh, no. That sounds awful. What happened?

Ben: That is a bit difficult to explain. You see, my family are what you might call werewolves, although most of the fancy fantasy stuff isn’t true. Basically, all we do is turn into a wolf. Nothing to do with the moon, either.

Sylvia: That’s almost disappointing. *laughs* Do you howl, at least?

Ember: Wait, back up a moment. You can turn into a wolf?

Ben: Yes. And we do howl. *grins at Sylvia*

Ember *fanning her wings*: How did that happen?

Ben: Err what? Oh, it’s something I was born with. You could say it runs in the family.

Sylvia: It’s hereditary?

Ben: Yes and no. It can also be triggered or passed on. It’s not something we usually talk about.

Sylvia: Triggered?

Ben: Well, that only works if you have some wolf blood. Then it can be activated, by an injury, for example. Or by… erm… mating with a wolf of our kind.

Sylvia blushes while Ember looks a little confused.

Ember: What do you do when you’re a wolf? And can you turn into something else? Like a dragon?

Ben *laughing*: No, we can’t turn into anything else. Especially not a dragon, so don’t worry, little Ember. You’re still special.

Ember preens.

Ben: When we’re in wolf shape, we do wolf things. Running in the forest, hunting, curling up with our friends, playing… it’s a lot of fun, because our senses are much better than in human shape.

Sylvia: I have to admit that learning about this was the biggest surprise.

Ember: Are you a wolf, too?

Sylvia: Well, let’s not go into more detail. Some of our readers here might not have read the book.

Ember: Speaking about the book… where can you get it?

Ben: It’s in all the ebook stores, just go to your favorite one. But here’s also a link.

Ember: Thank you. Is there something else you want to say?

Sylvia: Oh, yes. Please, make an effort to see the person in everyone you meet. We have so many prejudices and make assumptions so easily. Like most people thinking that wolves are bad. Ben is a good man, and I’m so glad I got to meet him.

Ben: Well, this is the season of love, after all. So do your best to be kind.

Ember: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Ben: Why not? We’re humans with some extra, as my Mom used to say. We share in all kinds of human traditions. Happy holidays!

Sylvia: Thank you for having us, Ember. Have a lovely Christmas.

Ember: Thank you, too!

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