“A Wolf’s Honor” – Book 3 in my New Romantic Werewolf Series

"A Wolf's Honor", Book 3 of the Wolves of the South

It’s release day for my new werewolf book, “A Wolf’s Honor”!

This is my favorite book of the Wolves of the South series, although “A Wolf’s Fury” is a close second. (That book is on pre-order already, by the way!)

So what do I love about “A Wolf’s Honor”?

First, I love Nessa. She’s the most spirited and smartest of the three McMullen kids. She’s also fairly fearless and just does what it takes. Even if it means gritting her teeth and doing scary things.

And then… and then there’s Nick. His full name is Nick Karagiannidis (and I will reveal at the end who he is named after), and he does have that bit of Greek romance in him. Not that he would admit to it, of course. Oh, and he does embody Greek tragedy, as well. Fortunately, this book is a Romance tale, and it ends well, although he wouldn’t believe it.

Nick turns into a lovely black wolf when he shifts, and he’s just as fearless as Nessa. But what’s more, he has true honor, unlike the leader of the wolf biker gang he’s a member of.

And of course, the moment comes where Nick will have to choose between following his nasty alpha wolf of a leader, and his own honor, by doing what is right. You can guess what he does, of course, since the book is named after him.

What else is special about “A Wolf’s Honor”?

I spent quite a lot of time poring over maps, plotting out where the wolf pack goes. They do pick up Nessa in Virginia, but the some of the action takes place in Charlotte, and of course, it ends in Asheton – which is my version of Asheville, NC. I love that town, and I even visited it once. But I did want to take some liberties with it, and that’s why I obscured the name a little n my series.

Asheton is where the “superpack” run by Beth Minster makes its headquarters, and of course, it’s where Mal McMullen sends his kids when things got dire. After all, he and his mate Val grew up there. (Val gets her own book, too, but that’ll take a while longer.)

Where can I get “A Wolf’s Honor”?

The ebook is up in all regular stores, and I plan on getting a print version set up on Amazon. Not there yet, however.

If you follow the link below, you can choose where to buy. I’m deliberately making it available on most stores, not just Amazon. It’s up on Apple, Kobo, Tolino, Barnes&Noble, and yes, it’s even up on Smashwords.

Buy “A Wolf’s Honor” here.

So who is Nick named after?

That is a bit obscure, I’m sorry. But the name spoke to me, and I simply had to use it.

You see, there is a guy called Prof. Dr. Christian Karagiannidis, and he is a Professor of Medicine here in Germany. He’s also the President of the Association of Intensive Medicine (I’m sure I mangled that translation) and thus became locally famous during the pandemic.

And no, he doesn’t look like Nick at all. I just borrowed his name. And he’s one of the good guys, just like Nick, so there’s that. And please, don’t tell him, okay?

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