Glad you found your way here. Glad you got past the guard dragon, too. She can be grumpy, even though I do keep her well-fed.

Now that you’re here, I have a bunch of things to offer you, so you get to choose.
Of course, you can grab them ALL, if you feel like it!

Dragon Series / Short stories / German Novels / Ember Dragon / Blog / Amazon

Tour of the Castle

In order to choose deliberately just head around to your preferred corner of the dunge… errr… the beautiful library. Yes, the library.

I bet you came because of dragons. I’ve got dragons!
I mean, more than that grumpy guard dragon. Oh, yes.
And some are much nicer.



And if you like the dragons, I have a freebie for you.
There are two dragons in that tale. And two riders.


Here you go:  FREEBIE (rename the old home page)


Oh. You’re not here for the dragons?
You want the short stuff?  Certainly.

Centaurs, wizards, unicorns, and… dragons. Ahem.


(some magical, some not…)


Still not what you want?

Du suchst Bücher auf deutsch?

Aber gerne doch.
Kleiner Abstecher nach Göttingen gefällig?

Ein paranormaler Detektiv trifft auf Dämonen. Die keine sind…



Auch nicht?
Na gut, es gibt noch ein paar andere Sachen auf deutsch.



And if you still don’t have enough, there’s little Ember. She’s my pet rescue dragon. And I talk about her adventures in my newsletter, so that’s the only place where you get them.

Ember likes her privacy, you know…



And yes, I blog.
Mostly about writing stuff, and I do my best to put up a little story every week.
That’s my Flash of Magic.



And that’s all folks – at least for now. I’m writing a lot more stuff and I’ll add more cells… err… library rooms for that once it gets published.