The Cloud Lands Saga

In this series, dragons and their riders are the main characters. The big, underlying theme is about how dragons are viewed by their riders. Are they intelligent partners, or merely talented beasts who must be severely controlled?

Dorelle believes in her dragon’s intelligence and treats her like a partner. That gets her into trouble, of course, and she must choose between her dragon’s life and everything she holds dear… more than once.

Things get much more tangled when Dorelle meets the crown prince, Prince Orlen. Soon, she becomes involved in protecting both her country and the people she loves. Those goals become contradictory when her former wing commander Ferren does everything he can to stop Dorelle and her view of the dragons.

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The Cloud Lands Beginnings

Right now, I’m working on a second series set in the same universe, but centuries earlier:

It tells the story of how humans and dragons met. In the beginning, the dragons arriving on the continent are bad news for the humans. The “firebeasts” decimate people and livestock alike, and many clans perish.

In the first book, a courageous healer, Sidren, overcomes her fear and hatred of the dragons and is the first human to actually communicate with one. She makes history…

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  1. mia says:

    Is The Cloud Land Saga all in Dorelle pov?

    • Hi Mia,

      yes and no. 🙂

      The first four novellas definitely have Dorelle as main character. However, the next four will take place two generations later and show what became of the Cloud Lands after their discovery. One protagonist is Dorelle’s granddaughter. And the theme of how dragons are treated will still be important.

      I hope that answers your question.
      – Hannah

    • No, not all of it. In “Kraken War” there is another subplot that Dorelle isn’t part of. And the third book I’m getting ready for publication right now will be mostly from Orlen’s Point of View.

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